IIT Jodhpur
Seminar by Professor Anantha Ramkrishna (IIT Kanpur)

Date and Venue Information
12 April 2019,  03 pm, Seminar Room Electrical Engineering.
Title of the Seminar
"Anisotropic metamaterials for increased coupling to the near-field of small emitters" by Professor Anantha Ramkrishna (IIT Kanpur)
Metamaterials can possess extremely large anisotropy resulting in hyperbolic dispersion of light (the equi-frequency surfaces become hyperboloids). This provides for good coupling to the modes with large transverse momentum in the near-field of small sized emitters including quantum emitters. This can be utilized to highly improve the outcoupling of light from these emitters. In this talk, I will present our work on two such systems: one, a nanostructured metamaterial fiber with hyperbolic dispersion and enhanced coupling to sources, and two, emission of NV centers in nanodiamonds placed in nano-columnar thin films of silver. The large improvement in outcoupling by several orders of magnitude makes these hyperbolic media of enormous potential for various applications.