IIT Jodhpur
Seminar on "Decision Making in the Era of Infobesity: Gender-specific Information Limit" - 7 September 2018

Date and Venue Information:
7 September 2018,  3:00 PM, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Title of Seminar:
"Decision making in the era of infobesity: Gender-specific information limit" by Sana Maidullah, Doctoral Student

Amidst the merger of one of the largest Indian online store (Flipkart) with world’s largest retailer (Walmart), the shift in the market and change in nature of Indian economy is more pronounced now. Understanding decision making features of Indian consumers can not only contribute to the understanding of naturalistic decision-making process itself but also can provide inputs to the market researchers, analyst, designers and policy makers. Keeping this bigger picture in mind present study aimed to explore, ‘information processing limit of males and females in online decision-making scenario and influence of psychological tendencies in it. The methodology to address the objective included the questionnaires for assessment of psychological tendencies and naturalistic experiment to measure decision making in online condition. An online store names, ‘mobile bazaar’, was designed following traditional and structural approach with the manipulation of number of alternatives and number of attributes presented to the participants. The data was collected from 300 participants during October 2017- March 2018. Present study clearly shows that where males prefer more information before they make decision and focus on increasing the control and reducing the uncertainty in decision making scenario, on the other hand females prefer medium amount of information for decision making and until they have high need for order and are impulsive they may prefer to postpone or cancel their decision making altogether.