IIT Jodhpur
M.Sc. Students Presented their Research Work during the Thesis Defence Scheduled during May 2018

Following M.Sc. Students presented their research work during the thesis defence scheduled during May 2018 as detailed below:

 S.No  Roll No.  Name of Candidate  Thesis Supervisior Thesis Title
 1.  M16CY001  Aarti P. Manikandan Cis-trans Isomerization of Diazene via Direct Chemical Dynamics Simulations
 2.  M16CY002  Ajeetesh Kumar Samanwita Pal Effect of Organophosphate (OP) Pesticides CPF and DZN on environment: A NMR and Fluorescence Analysis
 3.  M16CY003  Akshay Kumar R Ritu Gupta Optimization of Crackle Lithography Process for Metal patterning
 4.  M16CY004  Chesta Ritu Gupta Innovative Methods for Large Scale Patterning of Metals
 5.  M16CY005  Mohit Solanki Rakesh K. Sharma Heterogeneous M/MWCNTs Catalyst for Aerobic Oxidation of 5-hydroxymethyl 2-furaldehyde
 6.  M16CY006  Neelam Pal Ramesh K. Metre Tetanuclear mono organotin sulphide cluster[(RSn)4 (µ-S)6]·2H2O: Synthesis, Structure and Supramolecular studies
 7.  M16CY007  Neha Kumari Ananya Debnath Molecular dynamics simulation of Kaempherol binding to inflammation responsive protein ASC
 8.  M16CY008  Sakshi Bhagat Samanwita Pal Hydrophobic Interaction of Alanine in Aqueous Electrolyte Solution: A NMR Spin lattice Relaxation Analysis
9.   M16CY009  Vinod S. Adhikary Ritu Gupta F-TEDA Based Ultrafast and Highly Senstitive Humidity Sensor
10.   M16CY010  Vipin Kamboj Ritu Gupta Ni and Co oxide based Nanostructures for Electrochemical Water Splitting
11.   M16CY011  Rachna Sharma Rakesh K. Sharma Calix -[4]-arene based chemo-sensor for β-Nicotinamide Adenosine Dinucleotide