IIT Jodhpur
Seminar on "Goods and Services Taxes: Relevance for Tobacco Control" - 28 October 2016

Date and Venue Information:
28 October 2016, Room S1, 2 - 3 PM, Admin Block

Title of Seminar:
"Goods and Services Taxes: Relevance for Tobacco Control" by  Dr. Rijo M. John

The talk would briefly introduce the proposed GST reform in India which would enable the participants to understand the salient features of this new and very important legislation. It will then present the current system of taxation on tobacco products in India and how it would change under GST. The talk would finally present alternative and meaningful public policy proposals for tobacco taxation under GST.
Presenter's Profile:
Dr. Rijo M. John is Assistant Professor of Economics in the department of HSS at IIT Jodhpur. Dr. John’s specializations include Health Economics, Health Policy, Applied Econometrics, Development Studies.