IIT Jodhpur
Seminar on "Estimation of solar rooftop potential – A case study on Jodhpur" - 23 September 2016

Date and Venue Information:
23 September 2016, Room S1, 2 PM, Admin Block

Title of Seminar:
"Estimation of solar rooftop potential – A case study on Jodhpur" by  Varun Jyothiprakash

The whole world can be mainly classified into two categories of countries, one is the developed and other is the developing countries. The developed countries consume major part of their energy through conventional energy source (coal, oil, gas) because of which there has been an adverse effect on the environment. Therefore, the environmental organisations around the world are insisting the developed and developing countries to opt for renewable energy sources for their electricity production and consumption. With this cue, my study focuses on the developing nations and contextualizes the discussion in the India scenario. The Government of India has set a targets of achieving 175GW of renewable energy by 2022. Of the total renewable target, solar will contribute 100 GW by 2022 in which 40 GW should come from grid-connected rooftop solar. In India, Rajasthan state is preferred for solar installation mainly because of the favourable climatic conditions. For solar rooftop PV installation, urban districts bear an important role. Considering these scenario, Jodhpur district is been selected as a sample data for estimating the solar roof top potential. This presentation mainly focuses on the methodology which is carried out in estimating solar rooftop potential for Jodhpur district.
Presenter's Profile:
Mr. Varun Jyothiprakash is a PhD scholar in the department of Humanities and Social Science, IIT Jodhpur. He holds a B.Tech degree in ‘Mechanical Engineering’ from City Engineering College, Bangalore and M. Tech degree in ‘Energy Engineering’ from Jain University, Bangalore. He has been working on the strategy development for renewable energy sector, sustainability studies, climate change mitigation and energy policy studies. His core competencies lies in the fields of energy sector, low carbon growth and energy policy studies.