IIT Jodhpur
Dr. Mayurakshi Chaudhuri (Assistant Professor of Sociology, HSS) and Sakshi Shukla (Doctoral Candidate, HSS) published a co-authored article in Applied Mobilities (Taylor and Francis)

Sakshi Shukla & Mayurakshi Chaudhuri (2021) Intersectional Im/Mobilities: gender, family and information technology professionals in digital India, Applied Mobilities, Taylor & Francis. DOI: 10.1080/23800127.2021.1996904

This work showcases primary data from Sakshi Shukla’s doctoral fieldwork and advances a previous scholarly argument on intersectionalities and (im)mobilities in a Special Issue that Dr. MayurakshiChaudhuri and Dr. Viola Thimm had introduced and edited: Postcolonial Intersections: Asia on the Move

Scholars specialising in the fields of intersectionalities and inequalities may find the conceptual framework in the article useful.