IIT Jodhpur
Congratulations to Dr. Gaurav Bhatnagar and his research group for the acceptance of their research paper in the journal IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing

Title: A New Robust Reference Image Hashing System

Authors: S.P. Singh, G. Bhatnagar and A.K. Singh

Journal: IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing.

Volume: In Press

Year: 2021

Publisher: IEEE


Abstract: The authentication and content protection of multimedia data is a challenging task in the present scenario. One solution is to generate the perceptual hash which essentially authenticates the multimedia data and can also be dealt with image database search problems. In this paper, a novel system for generating an image hash is presented. The proposed system utilizes the global and local features in the hash generation process. The local features are obtained from non-linear scale-space based KAZE features. These KAZE features have the ability to capture the most stable point under several content preserving distortions. In contrast, first the input image is converted to a normalized image, it is transformed to the log-polar coordinate system, and then a reference image using the local contrast in the wavelet domain is obtained to extract the global features. An intermediate hash sequence is achieved by extracting the significant information from the reference image using the singular value decomposition. The final hash sequence combines both the vectors followed by the randomization process. Extensive experiments are conducted to demonstrate the feasibility and the robustness of the proposed hashing system against a wide range of intentional/unintentional distortions. Further, the comparative analysis with some state-of-the-art techniques validates the better discrimination of the proposed work