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Article authored by Dr. Priyanka Singh published in PLoS Biology

A research article authored by Dr. Priyanka Singh titled "Dynamic centriolar localization of Polo and Centrobin in early mitosis primes centrosome asymmetry" has been accepted for publication in the journal "PLoS Biology". Congratulations !
Together with a multinational team of researchers, Dr. Priyanka Singh unravels the mysteries of centrosome asymmetry in stem cell division. Utilizing advance super-resolution and live cell imaging, the team shows in fly neural stem cells that the mitotic kinase Polo and its centriolar protein substrate Centrobin (Cnb) accumulate on the daughter centriole during mitosis, thereby generating molecularly distinct mother and daughter centrioles before interphase. The optogenetic protein mislocalization tool confirmed that the establishment of centriole asymmetry in mitosis primes biased interphase MTOC activity, necessary for correct spindle orientation