IIT Jodhpur
Congratulations to Dr. Moumita Mandal for the acceptance of her research paper in The Journal of Analysis

Title: Superconvergence results for the nonlinear Fredholm-Hemmerstein integral equations of second kind

Authors: M. Mandal and G. Nelakanti

Journal: The Journal of Analysis

Volume: In Press

Year: 2020

Publisher: Springer

Abstract:  The multi-projection methods  for solving the Fredholm-Hammerstein integral equation is proposed in this paper. We obtain the similar super-convergence results as in [25] with a smooth kernel using piecewise polynomials of degree  r-1, i.e., for both the multi-Galerkin and multi-collocation methods have order of convergence  O (h^{3r})  in uniform norm, where h is the norm of the partition.   We have also considered iterated version of these methods and prove that both iterated multi-Galerkin and iterated multi-collocation methods have order of convergence  O(h^{4r}) in uniform norm. Numerical examples are given to illustrate the theoretical results.