IIT Jodhpur
Congratulations to Dr. Gaurav Bhatnagar for the acceptance of his research article in the journal IEEE Multimedia

Title: Compression-then-Encryption based Secure Watermarking Technique for Smart Healthcare System

Authors: A. Anand, A.K. Singh, Zhihan Lv and G. Bhatnagar

Journal: IEEE Multimedia

Volume: In Press

Year: 2020

Publisher: IEEE Computer Society


Abstract: Smart healthcare system is an Electronic Patient Records (EPR) sharing system, which significantly help sharing of EPR data, and provide appropriate medical assistance for the patients and a more suitable platform for the potential researchers. However, security of EPR data is still major issue in such systems. In this paper, we develop a Compression-then- Encryption based dual watermarking to protect the EPR data for healthcare system, which produces several significant features. Experiments conducted on large set of medical data indicate the capability of our proposed method for smart healthcare. Finally, when compared with the existing technique, proposed work offers better performance in terms of robustness and security.