IIT Jodhpur
Progressing Neurobiological Strategies Against Proteostasis Failure was selected on the Cover Page of Progress in Neurobiology (Impact Factor: 14.16, Elsevier)

The publication "Progressing neurobiological strategies against proteostasis failure: Challenges in neurodegeneration” was authored by: Ayeman Amanullah, Arun Upadhyay, Vibhuti Joshi, Ribhav Mishra, Nihar Ranjan Jana, Amit Mishra*. The depicted cover figure explains the role of various molecular players like chaperones, autophagy, ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS) and also the importance of different natural and synthetic therapeutic drugs in maintaining proteostasis of cell especially in conditions of neurodegenration and ageing. The review work systemically discusses the importance of proteome analysis in the pathogenesis of protein aggregatory and ageing related disorders. In the publication, it was highlighted how a disturbance in the proteome may lead to these pathologies and the functions of cellular machinery in maintenance of proteostasis state of cell during proteome loss.
The study provides a good description of different classes of natural and synthetic compounds which can be used to repair the loss of proteostasis during these pathological disorders. 

More information on the publication can be obtained from the complete manuscript: