IIT Jodhpur
Research Paper of Nirmal K. Rana published in Tetrahedron

Research work on “A facile and highly diastereoselective synthesis of carbocyclic spiro-pyrazolones via DABCO catalyzed Michael-Michael domino reaction” of Dr. Nirmal K. Rana (IIT Jodhpur) in collaboration with Prof. Vinod K. Singh (IISER Bhopal) has been published online on 5th February 2018 in Tetrahedron, an Elsevier journal.

An efficient domino Michael-Michael reaction of ω- and δ-nitro α,β-unsaturated esters with alkylidenepyrazolones has been accomplished using DABCO as the organocatalyst under mild reaction conditions. Under the present organocatalytic method, a wide range of carbocyclic spiro-pyrazolones with three tertiary stereogenic centers and a quaternary stereocenter has been prepared in high yields and excellent diastereoselectivities. An ester and nitro groups present in the spiro-pyrazolones have been utilized for further structural transformations.
More details can be found in the full paper by Nirmal K. Rana (IIT Jodhpur), Khyati Shukla, Pratibha Mahto, Rupesh K. Jha (IIT Kanpur), and Vinod K. Singh (IISER Bhopal) on https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tet.2018.02.002