IIT Jodhpur
Dr. George Kodimattam Joseph and Farhat Naz have published a paper in the prestigious journal - Springer Nature SS

George Kodimattam Joseph and Farhat Naz, 2022. Intergenerational Fairness: Lessons from Pandemic Contexts, Springer Nature Social Sciences.2(10): 1-19 
The present paper, focusing on the concept of intergenerational fairness, analyzes the obligation to ensure fairness to the young and future generations who experience serious deprivations from pandemics and similar hazards, and evaluates legitimacy of their claims. The paper examines the problem of shortsightedness of the dominant population which undermines the rights and interests of the future generations, and elucidates long-term impacts of our actions on humanity at large. The idea of intergenerational fairness is validated by the humanistic normative framework which is moored on rationality and virtuous disposition of persons. Among other things, the discussion evaluates the significance of the idea of fairness in using and preserving natural resources for future generations, grounds for prioritizing interests of the young while allocating healthcare resources, the obligation of the present population to ensure subsequent generations a decent minimum level of living, and the necessity to incorporate intergenerational concerns while formulating public policies. It is argued that pandemics and similar hazards remind us of our obligation to do reasonable, and morally justifiable, sacrifices for the young and future generations.