IIT Jodhpur
The Department of Mathematics hosts the following degree Programs, namely:
(a) M.Sc. (Mathematics) Program,
(b) M.Sc.- M.Tech. (Mathematics & Data Science) Program
(c) M.Tech. (Data and Computational Science) Program, and
(d) M.Tech.- Ph.D.  (Data and Computational Science) Program,
(e)  Ph.D. Program with specialisation in Mathematics.

The motivation to start these programs are, as below.

Scientific and technological advances have brought us to the level, where today we are increasing dealing with the following:
 1. Situations where nonlinearity plays a central role,
 2. Situation where understanding of risk and uncertainty is imperative,
 3. Application of clever algorithms for security of digital contents and encrypted communications, and
 4. Network based phenomena getting ubiquitous.

While the classical aspects of mathematics are providing foundations for analysis of key principles behind such modern and emergent technologies, modern aspects of mathematics coupled with computational capabilities are opening new avenues for further explorations. The M.Sc. (Mathematics), M.Tech. (Data and Computational Sciences) and Ph.D. Programs at IIT Jodhpur aims at tapping these opportunities by developing workforce specialized in mathematical aspects of key technologies.