IIT Jodhpur
Besides offering Compulsory Courses and Elective courses at the B.Tech. level, the Department of School of Liberal Arts offers a Ph.D. Programme. The Department has a vibrant research community which offers specializations in diverse disciplines including but not limited to
  1. Literary Studies – Literature and Environment, Environmental Humanities, Cultural Studies including studies in Material and Visual Culture, Popular Culture
  2. Philosophy – Normative Ethics, Applied Ethics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Sustainability Studies, Consciousness Studies
  3. Psychology – Positive Psychology, Cognitive Studies
  4. Sociology – Migration Studies (including transnational Migration), Gender Studies, Socio-cultural Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies; Development Sociology - Natural Resource Management, Disaster Risk Reduction, Water Governance, Climate Change Adaptation, Resilience, Poverty Reduction, Governance Studies
  5. Film Studies - Film Aesthetics, Indian New Wave of the 1970s, Transnational Cinema, New Asian Cinemas, Latin American Political Cinema
The students specialize in areas related to the above disciplines, with topics ranging from Ecocriticism, Philosophy of Education, Contemplative Studies, Reproductive Healthcare, Child Healthcare, Diaspora, Migration including Transnational Migration, Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, Bioethics, Environmental Ethics, Cognitive Archaeology, Tourism, Cognitive Science, Digital Humanities and Development Sociology to name a few.