IIT Jodhpur



In line with the new education policy, the Department of Chemical Engineering is committed to educational excellence through a strong student-focused educational experience and to provide quality education with a contemporary and highly professional curriculum. The societal challenges of the twenty-first century are profound and wide-ranging. Basic needs such as water, energy, environment, food, and health will become even more acute as the world population exceeds 9 billion. The need for sustainable development will require redefined and innovative engineering talent and leadership.  The flexibility of opting for different specialization, such as Process Engineering Intelligence, Molecular Engineering, Sustainability, Industry 4.0 and Data Analytics, Reactive Chemical Processing, Petroleum and Petrochemicals; is ingrained in formulating the structure and curriculum of the program. The Department of Chemical Engineering offers the following undergraduate and post-graduate programs in chemical engineering, viz:


Bachelor of Technology Program: B.Tech. (Chemical Engineering)


Students have the opportunity for specialisation in:

  • Process Engineering Intelligence

  • Molecular Engineering

  • Sustainability


The students will have flexibility and options to choose

  • Minor in (a) Management, (b) Entrepreneurship, (c) Data Science

  • Five (5) year B.Tech.+M.Tech./MBA

  • One (1) year Engineering Innovation



Master of Technology Program: M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering)

Master of Technology-Doctor of Philosophy (M.Tech.-Ph.D.) Dual Degree Program


Students may do specialisation in the below-mentioned areas during M.Tech. and pursue Ph.D. in the field of interest.

  • Industry 4.0 and Data Analytics

  • Reactive Chemical Processing

  • Petroleum and Petrochemicals



Doctor of Philosophy Program: Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

The department offers Ph.D. degrees in diverse research areas with a cutting-edge research focus in the core and allied interdisciplinary domains of chemical engineering.





Program Objectives


The key objectives of the programs are to:

  • Enable students to have a fundamental understanding of the core concepts of chemical engineering.

  • Offer opportunities for specialisation in emerging and multidisciplinary areas including molecular engineering, data science and AI applications, polymer engineering, sustainability, biochemical engineering, complex fluids, and interfacial engineering.

  • Empower students with emerging concepts for plant design in the context of chemical engineering via courses designed with AI, ML, and  Industry 4.0 applications. 

  • Integrate analytical and computational ability with the experimental skills to create individuals competent in professional engineering practices in the domain of chemical engineering.

  • Inculcate an attitude towards commitment to engineering ethics, leadership qualities, entrepreneurship, and professional development.