IIT Jodhpur

Graduate programs

The department offers two graduate programs in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering. The program constitutes a unique value-added model that allows students to select courses from Specialized Stream Electives and M. Tech Electives buckets to build their knowledge in a specialized stream and gain skills they would need to enter into the desired industry. Specialized courses are designed to tap rapidly changing energy and environment market while employing emerging technologies. Furthermore, it builds a platform for multidisciplinary research to unravel complex problems associated with the urban environment and global energy infrastructure. The graduate program offered by the department are as follows.

1. M Tech/M Tech-Ph D in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering with Specialization in Energy:

To cater to future needs and emerging infrastructure, this program exclusively designed with a tremendous focus on energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydropower. The program is offered to the students/candidates with diverse engineering backgrounds from India and abroad who are interested in learning and applying the fundamental and advanced technologies (energy conversion, transmission, distribution, storage, and conservation) in different areas of energy engineering. The program equips students with a unique set of skills desired in multidisciplinary and dynamic energy industries.


2. M Tech/M Tech-Ph D in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering with Specialization in Environmental Engineering: 

The program aims to produce scientifically and technologically resourceful professionals with a broad knowledge of environmental processes and engineering techniques integrated with basic knowledge of biosafety, toxicology, and other public health issues required in identifying emerging complex problems at the interface of environmental engineering and public health, and creatively developing effective solutions. This specially tailored program will enable students to think proactively and preemptively while confronting public health challenges emerging out of local and global environmental issues. The integration of major thrust areas of Civil, Infrastructure, and Environmental Engineering with Public health in this cross-disciplinary program will enable graduates to interface between urban development and the sustainable environment.