IIT Jodhpur



The Department of Chemical Engineering offers the following postgraduate programs:

            Master of Technology Program:  M.Tech. in Chemical Engineering

            Master of Technology-Doctor of Philosophy Dual Degree Program: M.Tech.-Ph.D. Dual Degree in Chemical Engineering

Through the M.Tech. and M.Tech-Ph.D. programs in Chemical Engineering, IIT Jodhpur is making a conscious effort to divulge from the traditional path and planning to establish itself to become a leading institute in this new genre of Chemical Engineering education. The program involves a mix of traditional courses followed by electives to specialize in the three chosen areas; i) Industry 4.0+Data Analytics; ii) Reaction Engineering; iii) Petroleum and Petrochemicals. Further, the project component ensures hands-on problem-solving skills to enable solving industrial problems as well as undertake research in the different areas of chosen field.


Program Objective & Attributes:

 The graduates of this program will have:

  • In-depth knowledge of chemical engineering and critical awareness of emerging areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), internet of things (IoT) and data analytics in Chemical Engineering including intelligent process optimization and production simulation.
  • Analytical and experimental skills required for new processes and new products with 3D printing, chemometrics and Industry 4.0 in chemical companies.
  • Strong fundamentals in traditional chemical engineering.
  • Ability to do critical and creative thinking, and to conduct independent and original research and scholarship
  • Ability to apply existing skills and knowledge to identify and formulate new problems, produce new ideas, approaches or actions
  • Ability to teach and express ideas in both written and oral formats


Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the program, a student is expected to have:

  • Skills for translation of in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), internet of things (IoT), Internet of Cleanliness and data analytics for chemical engineering systems.
  • Ability to design and develop new products and new processes with the knowledge of 3D printing, chemometrics and Industry 4.0 in chemical companies including intelligent process optimization and production simulation.
  • Ability to statistically characterize and evaluate the performance of process systems.
  • Ability to apply the different methods for chemical engineering challenges and advanced research.
  • Carry out research work demonstrating scientific problem solving and generate IPR.


List of Currently Enrolled PG Students:

Name Program Academic Year Batch
Siddharth Saraswati PhD 2020-21
Shefali Gupta PhD 2020-21
Sarangi V S PhD 2021-22
Goga Ram M.Tech.-PhD 2020-21
Mukesh Kumar M.Tech.-PhD 2020-21
Rahul Painuly M.Tech.-PhD 2020-21
Rohit Prabhakar  Rai M.Tech.-PhD 2020-21
Shashwat Bishwanathan M.Tech.-PhD 2020-21
Aditya Ganesh M.Tech. 2020-21
Akash  Parshuram Mali M.Tech. 2020-21
Anurag Chauhan M.Tech. 2020-21
Atri Chaturbhai Patel M.Tech. 2020-21
Hari Priya Abburi M.Tech. 2020-21
Himangshu Shekhar Das M.Tech. 2020-21
Himanshu Ranjan M.Tech. 2020-21
Md  Asalam M.Tech. 2020-21
Sanjay Rej M.Tech. 2020-21
Sourav Maan M.Tech. 2020-21
Vikram Singh Jat M.Tech. 2020-21
Yogendra Chouhan M.Tech. 2020-21
Amir Ali M.Tech. 2021-22
Biddala Bavana M.Tech. 2021-22
Chaitanya D K Gandhi M.Tech. 2021-22
Chris Tomsy M.Tech. 2021-22
Deeksha Katiyar M.Tech. 2021-22
Lalit Kumar Meena M.Tech. 2021-22
Manju Bhanwariya M.Tech. 2021-22
Rishabh Jain M.Tech. 2021-22
Sandeep Mishra M.Tech. 2021-22
Sandhya G S M.Tech. 2021-22
Vivek Prajapat M.Tech. 2021-22
Mohit Rathore M.Tech. 2021-22