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Vidya Sarveswaran

PI: Vidya Sarveswaran


Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Munich, Germany  (Additional Grant ) and Seed Grant from IIT Jodhpur

Under Another Sky ( A documentary film)

The film Under Another Sky is shot in the village of Piplantri in Rajsamandh district in Rajasthan. It is an ecological story of a unique village that plants 111 trees for the birth of every girl child. The film is a story about unheard voices, marble mining, women, ecological sensibilities and our own vulnerability as individuals on a fragile planet. The film is complete and will be released shortly. Here is the poster of the film which is attached. The film will be released shortly.




Ankita Sharma

PI: Ankita Sharma

Cognitive Science Initiative, DST


Duration: 2015-18 (extended till 2020)

Wisdom as cognitive and motivational-emotional heuristics in ecologically rational decision making

In the context of complex decision making task with uncertainty the role of Wisdom which is defined by Berlin Wisdom Paradigm (BWP) as an expert knowledge system involves exceptional insight in judgment and decision making. Our research is an attempt to identify cognitive, emotional and motivational (C-E-M) synthesis of wisdom (i); examine the role of wisdom in rational decision making (ii), and identify an adaptive aspect of E-M component of wisdom in the decision-making process (iii).

Sharma, A. & Dewangan, R.L. (2017). Can wisdom be fostered: Time to test the model of wisdom? Cogent Psychology, 4: 1381456.


Sharma, A. & Dewangan, R.L. (2018). Indian socio-cultural conception of wisdom: Does it follow universal understanding? Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, 6(1), 5-19.



Ankita Sharma

PI: Ankita Sharma

Co-PI: Dr. Abhinav Dixit

Institute Seed Grant


Duration: 2017-2020

EEG-Neurofeedback training for Optimal Functioning.

The area of neurofeedback training is very popular but has a lot of unresolved theoretical and methodological issues. This work aims to answer the methodological issue of trainability, independence, and interpretability through a causal relationship between NFT protocols and working memory.

Kumari, M., & Sharma, A. Neurofeedback Training for Social Cognition Deficit: A neuroimaging approach. Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation techniques and applications (Second Edition), R., Coben (Ed.). Elsevier. (In press)



Mayurakshi Chaudhuri

PI: Mayurakshi Chaudhuri

IIT Jodhpur



Convergence of Digital and Reproductive Healthcare as Sociotechnical Ensembles: A Case-Study of Rajasthan, India

Since the past few years, the phenomenon of digital health has emerged as a key dimension of contemporary healthcare policy implementation and delivery in many countries. The rapid changes brought by digital health technologies, particularly the newer technologies associated with Web 2.0 innovations (a move from the ‘information web’ to the ‘social web’), and more recently, Web 3.0 (“Semantic Web”, or the Internet of Things) have had a major impact on healthcare and public health. This project engages in an in-depth and nuanced analysis of one particular area of digital healthcare: digital reproductive healthcare. Focusing on India as a platform, the proposed study examines sociocultural practices and contexts that shape people’s usage patterns of digital reproductive healthcare data. That is, how do people become “digitally engaged” in reproductive healthcare practices, and how do healthcare data become sites of multiple materials and interpretive practices that are inflected by inequality.




Parichay Patra

PI: Dibyakusum Ray (IIT Ropar, India), Manishita Dass (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)

Co-PI: Parichay Patra (IIT Jodhpur, India), Anuja Jain (Wesleyan University, USA)


SPARC, MHRD, Govt. of India


Ongoing (2019-21)

Offering Provocations, Surfacing Evidence": The Archiving of Cine-Politics under the Indian National Emergency through Digital Humanities 2.0

This cinema studies and digital humanities project is concerned with the Indian National Emergency of 1975-77, censorship, film policy of the Indian state, and aesthetic freedom. It will result in a monograph, mixed-media exhibition, creation of a database, organization of workshops, offering specialized courses, and faculty-scholar exchange programs between the partner institutions.

Monograph proposal under preparation 



Parichay Patra

PI(s): Parichay Patra (IIT Jodhpur, India), Michael Kho Lim (Cardiff University, UK) 


Publishing Agencies: Intellect, UK (international), De La Salle University Publishing House, Philippines (Asian) 


About to be submitted (2019-20) 


Sine ni Lav Diaz: Evolution of a Filipino Auteur (Book Project) 

This is the first book-length work on the Filipino auteur Lav Diaz and it includes essays by several academicians and critics from Spain, Belgium, UK, USA, India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. 


Edited volume (international and Asian editions) 



Ankita Sharma

Ankita Sharma, Abhishek Sharma (SPUP Jodhpur), Ai Ni Teoh (James Cook University, Singapore)


Duration: Will start soon

Social Network as a function of Wisdom, Personality, and Task Factors.

Globally the knowledge economy is at it’s at the peak in comparison to any point in history. Knowledgeable people are not only a core of this but also people are coming together for collaborative efforts without any geographical and disciplinary boundaries. In this background, the social network formation at workplace and individual and organizational factors influencing the process will be examined.




Kaamya Sharma

PI: Kaamya Sharma

Seed Grant, IIT Jodhpur


Duration: Will start soon

Consuming Comfort - Sartorial Praxis and Consumer Citizenship in Urban India

This project investigates the material-discursive mechanisms that consumers employ to navigate comfort in clothing practices in order to understand the relationship between top-down directives of sustainable consumption and actors’ negotiations of those directives in their everyday lives.




Prasenjeet Tribhuvan

Prasenjeet Tribhuvan

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS), Shimla


Duration: Project selected, to start


Decolonizing Cannabis: History, Hegemony and Opportunities (with a special focus on the Himalayas)

The project is a writing project to produce a monograph/ book on colonization and its effects on material culture and history. The project focusses especially on cannabis in the Himalayas and underpins the need to construct an inclusive policy for cannabis cultivation in Himalayan states. It will also propose an alternative policy structure.





Prasenjeet Tribhuvan

Prasenjeet Tribhuvan, Ankita Sharma, Abhishek Sharma (SPUP, Jodhpur)




Duration: Will start soon

India's youth and violent viral videos: Reaction, reasons, and possible interventions


The project plans to undertake an extensive, in-depth psycho-social study of mob lynching and its relationship with technology, especially those aspects of technology that enable recording, sharing and mass distribution of photographs and videos of the act. The project plans to understand the phenomenon as a social act, with underpinnings of psychological factors. The project also plans to come up with recommendations to reduce instances of mob lynching through psycho-social interventions.




Prof Chhanda Chakraborti 

(PI): Prof Chhanda Chakraborti 
Co-Project Directors:
Dr Ankita Sharma
Dr Prasenjeet Tribhuban
Dr Rajendra Nagar
Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR)  An interdisciplinary study of Technologically Manipulated Information:  Its ecosystem and its psycho-social impact