IIT Jodhpur

Sponsored Projects 

Sr. No. Project Year PI Co-PI Funding Agency Amount (in Lacs)
1 Mechanical Response of sedimentary rocks under extreme conditions:Implications for cryogenic fracking 2019-24 Dr. Debanjan Guha Roy NA DST-Inspire 35.00
2 Utilization of Inferior Quality Aggregate in Hot, Warm and Cold Mix Asphalt 2020-23 Dr. Bhuepndra Singh NA NHAI 52.64
3 In-situ remediation of arsenic by ferrous sulfide under heterogeneous porous media: Up-scaling effect and evaluation of long-term fate 2020-23 Dr. Trishikhi Raychoudhury NA DST-WTI (Water Technology Initiative) 47.62
4 Fracture-mechanical response of rocks subjected to freeze-thaw cycles 2021-24 Dr. Debanjan Guha Roy NA IITJ seed grant 23.77
5 Black Carbon - Quantification and Real-time contribution of Key Sources (BC-QuaRKS)  2021-24 Dr. Deepika Bhattu NA IIT seed grant 23.52
6 Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model for Multi-class Traffic Lacking Lane Discipline 2021-23 Dr. Ranju Mohan NA SERB-SRG 29.92
7 Source apportionment study, Emission inventory and Carrying capacity for Kota city, Rajasthan 2022-23 Dr. Deepika Bhattu Dr. A.K. Plappally, Dr. P.K. Tiwari, Dr. Ranju Mohan, Dr. Vikky Anand RSPCB 115.27
8 Development of a two-way interactive driving simulator for Indian traffic 2022-25 Dr. Ranju Mohan NA IIT seed grant 23.62
9 Transport behavior of selected nanoparticles in the porous media for long duration under natural groundwater conditions 2022-25 Dr. Trishikhi Raychoudhury NA IIT seed grant 25.00
10 High-resolution climate-chemistry modeling over the Indo-Gangetic Plain (IGP) and western India 2022-25 Dr. Amit Sharma NA IIT seed grant 25.00
11 Risk of hydroclimatic extremes on major dams in India 2022-25 Dr. Saran Aadhar NA IIT seed grant 25.00
12 Development of Subsonic wind tunnel facility for Aeolian Soil Migration and Mitigation in Thar Desert 2022-25 Dr. Pradeep K. Dammala NA IIT seed grant 32.60
13 Deep Learning Based Structural Condition Assessment and Health Monitoring 2022-25 Dr. Amit K. Rathi NA IIT seed grant 25.00

Discontinuum numerical modeling of confined masonry structures under in-plane and out-of-plane loading scenarios

2022-25 Dr. P. Ravi Prakash NA IIT seed grant 25.00
15 Climate sensitivity to anthropogenic aerosol loading over western India 2022-25 Dr. Amit Sharma NA SERB-SRG 23.33
16 Sustainable Geopolymer based solutions for Sand Dune Migration Mitigation in Thar Desert 2022-23 Dr. Pradeep K. Dammala NA DST-SIRE 19.40
17 Thermal Performance Prediction of Multi-Layered Ensembles Subjected to Fire Exposure 2022-24 Dr. P. Ravi Prakash NA DRDO Armaments Research Board (Grant-in-aid Scheme) 17.10
18 Development of a coupled damage-plasticity discrete element framework for unreinforced masonry subjected to monotonic and cyclic loading 2023-25 Dr. P. Ravi Prakash NA SERB-SRG 25.00
19  Response of high-rise building structures under fire: Advanced simulations and design strategies 2023-24 Dr. P. Ravi Prakash NA SERB-SIRE 15.50
20 Understanding the impacts of Pre-Monsoon heat stress on Indian Summer Monsoon Precipitation in Arid regions of India under changing and anthropogenic climate 2023-26   Dr. Saran Aadhar  NA Ministry of Education (MoE) 


21 Flood Mechanisms in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions amidst Shifting Climate Patterns and Human Influence 2023-25 Dr. Saran Aadhar  NA   SERB-SRG 22.30 
22 Performance evaluation of selected geotextile-based liner material against seepage loss in water conservation system under a wide range of temperature 2023-25 Dr. Trishikhi Raychoudhury  Dr. Aali Pant NTTM, Ministry of Textiles 149


Sponsored Workshops/ Fellowships/MDPs/FDPs

Sr.No. Title Year PI Co-PI Funding Agency Amount(in Lacs)
1 Faculty Development Program on "Recent Advances in Pavement Analysis, Design and Evaluation" 2021 Dr. Bhuepndra Singh NA AICTE-ATAL 0.93
2 Alumni Community Engagement Fund (ACEF) to organize a one-day symposium on "offshore wind turbine foundations" at IIT Jodhpur 2022 Dr. Pradeep K. Dammala NA Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC), UK 1000 GBP
3 Short-term Online Course on “Structural Health Monitoring” under Smart Infrastructure and Sustainability 2022 Dr. Amit Kumar Rathi NA IITJ-TISC NA
4 Sand Dune Migration Mitigation in Thar Desert - Wind tunnel and CFD analysis 2022-23 (06 months)

Ms. Sumaja Kolli

(C/o Dr. Pradeep K. Dammala)

NA India Institute Fellowship Scheme- University of Birmingham 10 Lacs
5 Developing constitutive soil models to understand the response of monopile foundations in seismic regions 2022-23 (12 months)

Mr. Satish K. Adari

(C/o Dr. Pradeep K. Dammala)

Prof. Salgado (COFFEE Laboratory at Purdue University) Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship (OVDF), SERB NA
6 Capacity Building Program: Digitalization tools for Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Systems 2023

Dr. Saran Aadhar

Dr. Ravi Prakash and Dr. Mayank Suman  MoUHA and MITWPU 16.25 Lacs
7 Capacity Building Program: Cybersecurity for Water Infrastructure  2023  

Dr. Saran Aadhar

Dr. Ravi Yadav and Dr. Mayank Suman   Water Resources Department, Rajasthan 4.27 Lacs