IIT Jodhpur

Sponsored Projects

Sl No Faculty Project Title Type/funding Status Project No Amount (Rs.)
1 Ranju Mohan Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model for Multi-class Trafic Lacking Lane Discipline SRG,DST Approved proposal   32,63,330
2 Ranju Mohan Development of a two-way interactive driving simulator for Indian traffic IITJ seed grant Approved proposal   25,00,000
3 P. Ravi Prakash, Amit Kumar Rathi and Pradeep Kumar Dammala Development of Performance-based Design Guidelines for the High-Speed Rail Viaducts in India” High Speed Rail Innovation Centre, National High Speed Rail Corporation Funding expected    
4 P. Ravi Prakash Multi-physics based Discrete Element Analysis of Reinforced Concrete walls subjected to Fire and Post-blast Fire Scenarios (Preliminary Proposal Submission) Armaments Research Board-Defence Research Development Organization Funding expected    
5 P. Ravi Prakash Multi-hazard analysis and health monitoring of heritage structures subjected to fire Exposure (Advanced stage of review) DST (India)-FCT (Portugal) Funding expected    
6 Bhupendra Singh Use of Nanomaterials to improve the performance of Cold Mix Asphalt Startup Research Grant, DST Proposal Submitted   2992000
7 Deepika Bhattu Black Carbon- Quantification and Real-time contribution of Key sources (BC-QuaRKS) IITJ seed grant Funding expected    
8 Deepika Bhattu, Anand Krishnan Plappally, Pradip K. Tewari, Ramesh Asapu, Ranju Mohan & Vikky Anand Assessment of Natural Resources, Environmental Pollution and Pollution Control Strategies of Kota city, Rajasthan Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board Approved proposal    
9 Bhupendra Singh Utilization of Inferior Quality Aggregate in Hot, Warm and Cold Mix Asphalt National Highway Authorities of India Funding Recieved. JRF recruited. Project is Underway. S/NHAI/BPS/20200089 5264000
10 Bhupendra Singh Use of waste cooking oil to rejuvenate aged asphalt binders to be used in road construction Food safety and Standard Authority of India Proposal Submitted   7150802
11 Debanjan Guha Roy Fracture-mechanical response of rocks subjected to freeze-thaw cycles IITJ seed grant Proposal Submitted   2500000
12 Debanjan Guha Roy Mechanical Response of sedimentary rocks under extreme conditions:Implications for cryogenic fracking DST-INSPIRE Faculty Fellowship Funding Received S/DST/DGR/20200040 3500000
13 Debanjan Guha Roy Micro- and macro-cracking of anisotropic geomaterials subjected to extreme temperatures Startup Research Grant, DST Proposal Submitted   3000000
14 Pradeep Kumar Dammala Alternate source of backup power for Nuclear power plants through offshore wind turbines Commonwealth Scholarship Commission, UK Initial proposal submitted    


Consultancy Projects

Sl No. Faculty Project Title Type/funding Status Project No. Amount (Rs.)
1 Amit Kumar Rathi, Bhupendra Singh Crack investiation in PQC - Jodhpur Ring Road Sadhbav Engineering Ltd. Yet to register (Invoice generated but most likely it will be postponed) NA 330194
2 Debanjan Guha Roy, P. K. Dammala, A. K. Rathi Sand migration mitigation measures for the proposed haphasar solar park SB Energy Invoice generated for Part-1 and payment underway NA 1000000
3 Amit Kumar Rathi Analysis of Fibre Glass Mast Tower due to Wind Load Ercon Composites Part - 1 (Done), Part - 2 (underway) IITJ/R&D/2020-21/0026 165000