IIT Jodhpur


Decentralized Water Purification Units based on Sorption Assisted Membrane Technology:


Department of Chemical Engineering designs and sets up decentralized water purification units based on Sorption Assisted Membrane Technology in rural and remote areas as a part of Scientific Social responsibility (SSR) under Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan (UBA).

PI: Prof. Pradip K Tewari




Polymers and Interfaces in Electronic Packaging


Details of the project can be found here: Click here

SRG Project 2020 to 2023

PI: Dr. Deepak Arora




Designing of Potential Adsorbents via Molecular Modelling and Simulations for the High-Temperature Carbon Dioxide Capture


DST-SERB Project 2019 to 2021

PI: Dr. Angan Sengupta