IIT Jodhpur


Decentralized Water Purification Units based on Sorption Assisted Membrane Technology

Department of Chemical Engineering designs and sets up decentralized water purification units based on Sorption Assisted Membrane Technology in rural and remote areas as a part of Scientific Social responsibility (SSR) under Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan (UBA).

PI: Prof. Pradip K Tewari


Polymers and Interfaces in Electronic Packaging

Details of the project can be found here: Click here

SRG Project 2020 to 2023

PI: Dr. Deepak Arora

Molecular-designing of polymer electrolyte membranes using computational approach to reduce methanol crossover in direct methanol fuel cell

Seed Grant Project 2021-2024

PI: Dr. Angan Sengupta

Design of Zn anode and non-native structured MnO cathode for stationary grid energy storage devices

DST Inspire

Seawater electrolysis using non-precious metal oxides as an anode for the selective conversion

Seed Grant Project 2021-2024

PI: Dr. Prashant K Gupta

Improving the efficiency of water removal from water-in-oil emulsion: Electrocoalescence of surfactant/polymeric emulsion

SERB - SRG Project 2021-2023

Electrodesalting of water-in-oil emulsion: an experiment, design and scale-up to smart electrocoalescer

Seed Grant Project 2021-2024

PI: Dr. Vikky Anand

Molecular Exploration of designer solvents for the low temperature directional solvent desalination 

DST - SERB Project 2021-2024

Molecular-level design and development of water in ionic liquids based electrolytes for the Na-ion batteries

Seed Grant Project 2021-2024

PI: Dr. Praveen K Sappidi

A new model of nephron formation from nephron progenitor cells tested through mathematical modeling of Wnt and Notch signaling pathways and experimental data.

Seed Grant Project 2022-2025

PI: Dr. Prasenjit Sarkar