IIT Jodhpur

Ongoing Projects


Some of the prominent ongoing Sponsored Research Projects include:



TitlePI/Co-PIFunding AgencyYear of Completion Technology Track
Understanding the molecular specific scales of tumor suppressor gene 101 (tsg101) encoded E3 ubiquitin ligase in the elimination of polyglutamine proteins Amit Mishra, PI Board of Research In Nuclear Sciences (BRNS)/Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), India   Drug Discovery & Development; Neuroprotection & Neuronal Repair
Cellulose nano crystal reinforced pH-responsive PVA-gum tragacanth based proangiogenic wound dressing for diabetic foot care Indranil Banerjee, PI DST, GoI; Indo-Thailand Joint Project 2022 Tissue Engineering
Development of low cost Microbial carbon capture cells for power generation and algae cultivation Meenu Chhabra, PI DBT, India 2020  
Modulation of α-synuclein amyloid assembly using human chaperone like proteins Neha Jain, PI SERB 2021 Drug Design & Development
Implementation of host proteins to combat biofilm infections Neha Jain, PI IIT Jodhpur 2021 Microbial Systems & Communities
Investigation of genome-wide gene-environment interactions in relation to complex diseases following case-only approach Pankaj Yadav, PI  IIT Jodhpur 2023 Biomarker Discovery & Systems Biology
Elucidating the Role of Centrosome Protein CEP152 in Primary Microcephaly Priyanka Singh, PI DBT, India 2023  
Role of Centriole Protein,CPAP in Neurodevelopmental Disorder Priyanka Singh, PI SERB 2021  
Biomimetic Nanoscale Metal Organic Frameworks for Targeted Near Infrared Fluorescence Imaging and Phototherapeutic Destruction of Intraperitoneal Tumors Raviraj Vankayala, PI DBT, India  2025 Nanomedicine
Hospital-associated ESKAPE Pathogens:Unraveling Novel Regulatory Layers Controlling Virulence and Persistence Shankar Manoharan, PI DBT/Wellcome Trust, India Alliance 2022  Microbial Systems & Communities
Evaluation of the effect of selected molecules on capsule synthesis by virulent Klebsiella pneumoniae Shankar Manoharan, PI IIT Jodhpur 2023 Microbial Systems & Communities; Drug Design & Development
Structure based functional characterization of Staphylococcal thiol peroxidase enzymes: A new hunch for anti-Staphylococcal drug discovery Sudipta Bhattacharya, PI IIT Jodhpur    
Muc-1 receptor targeted nano-liposome containing peptide-drug-nanocage for breast cancer and cancer stem cell Surajit Ghosh, PI DBT, India 2020  
Multimodal Approaches to Develop Potential Therapeutic LeadsTargeting Molecular Hot Spots of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy for Clinical Trial Surajit Ghosh, PI SERB    
Fluorescence Probes for Detection of Amyloid Plaque Surajit Ghosh, PI IIT Jodhpur 2021  
GenomeIndia: Cataloguing the genetic variation of Indians  Sushmita Jha, Sushmita Paul, Co-PI DBT, India 2023  
Development of an AI platform for human health Sushmita Jha, Sushmita Paul, Co-PI Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology 2023  
Expression analysis of inflammasome-forming NLRs in gliomas for Identification of Novel Therapeutic Interventions Sushmita Jha, PI DBT, India 2020  
Analysis of miRNA and mRNA Expression Data to Understand Etiology of Cervical Cancer Sushmita Paul, PI  IIT Jodhpur 2020  
Integrative Approach for Identification of Disease Genes of Type II Diabetes Sushmita Paul, PI SERB 2020