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1. Dr. Shahab Ahmad received the "Faculty research excellence award 2023, IIT Jodhpur"
2. Dr. Ram Prakash, Associate Professor, Department of Physics has been invited to join the Editorial Board of Nature Scientific Reports as an Editor
3. Mr. Abhishek Yadav and Mr. Rashid M Ansari, PhD students of Dr. Shahab Ahmad, has won "Best Poster Presentation Award" by securing first position at the "Industry Day-2023 (Theme: Hydrogen Economy)" organized by IIT-Jodhpur (3rd - 4th Feb 2023)
4. Bikram Mondal, Ph.D. student of Dr. Shahab Ahmad, has won "Best Poster Presentation Award" at the 'International Union of Materials Research Society (IUMRS), International Conference in Asia-2022 held at IIT Jodhpur (19th-23rd Dec 2022)
5. Shubham Chamola, PhD student of Dr. Shahab Ahmad, has won "Best Oral Presentation Award" at the "National Conference on Energy Materials and Device (NC-EMAD 2022)" held at IIT Jodhpur (16th -18th Dec 2022).
6. Shubham Chamola, Ph.D. student of Dr. Shahab Ahmad, has won "Best Poster Presentation Award" at the "International Conference on Advances in Chemical and Material Sciences (ACMS-2022)", organized on Platinum Jubilee celebration of "Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers" (14th -16th April 2022)
7. Shubham Chamola, PhD student of Dr. Shahab Ahmad, has won "Best Oral Presentation Award" at the "Advanced Energy Materials & Devices-2022" workshop conducted by CGCRI-Kolkata (3rd March 2022)
8. Dr. B. M. Krishna Mariserla and his collaborators published their research work entitled "Directly visualizing the momentum-forbidden dark excitons and their dynamics in atomically thin semiconductors" in the journal Science (Impact Factor: 41.84)
9. Research Paper published by Dr Shahab Ahmad in the journal Nature "Lanthanide-doped inorganic nanoparticles turn molecular triplet excitons bright"
10. Congratulation Dr Satyajit Sahu and Parveen for the cover page publication in the journal European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
11. Research paper by R. Chaurasiya and A. Dixit is selected by PCCP Editor as 2020 HOT PCCP article
12. Paper of Dr. Subhashish Banerjee published for "Characteristics of interaction between Gravitons and Photons"
13. Chandni Kumari, PhD student of Dr. Ambesh Dixit, Department of Physics, received the "Best Poster Award" in IEEE NMDC 2019 held during 27-31 October 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden
14. Identifying the origin of lepton-universality violation at collider experiments
15. Belle Collaboration confirmed our results
16. Nonadiabatic Modal Dynamics Around Exceptional Points in an All-Lossy Dual-Mode Optical Waveguide: Toward Chirality-Driven Asymmetric Mode Conversion
17. Rotational Diffusion of Proteins in Nanochannels
18. Rohitash Kumar was awarded with Anil K and Bharati Bhatnagar Award for Best Thesis Presentation in Solid State Physics in 63rd DAE Symposium on Solid State Physics
19. Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) approves Indo-Austria collaboration, between S. Banerjee, A. K. Alok and B. Hiesmayr, of the Universitry of Vienna
20. Ashutosh K. Alok and Subhashish Banerjee’s work receives international recognition
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1. Ph.D. Thesis Defense of Mr. Atanu Betal (P18PH002) | 22 Sep 2023 at 3.30 PM
2. "Student Seminar Series" presentation by Snehashis on "Photonic time crystals: a new tool to amplify light" | September 21, 2023, at 6 PM
3. "Student Seminar Series" presentation by Anil on "Equation of state of compact stars and their properties composed of interacting strange quark matter" | September 14, 2023, at 6 PM
4. "Student Seminar Series" presentation by Jitendra Yadav on "Exploring the Potential of Rechargeable Iron-Ion Batteries: Advancing Beyond Lithium-Ion Technology" | September 07, 2023 at 6 PM
5. "Student Seminar Series" presentation by Sushma on "Effects of Reactive Species Generated by DBD Plasma-based Reactor on Germination of Seeds" | August 31, 2023 at 6 PM
6. "Student Seminar Series" presentation by Sapta Sindhu Paul Chowdhury on "Phonon Thermal Transport in Silicene Bilayer" | August 24, 2023 at 6 PM
7. Open Seminar by Ms. Ravina (P19PH009) on "Optical, electronic properties of layered 2D material heterostructures and their functionalization" | 21 Aug 2023 at 12:15 pm
8. "Student Seminar Series" presentation by Shubham Chamola on "Photo-Rechargeable Energy Storage Devices" | August 17, 2023 at 6 PM
9. "Student Seminar Series" presentation by Abhishek Yadav on: "Alkali Metal Ions Doped Metal Halide Perovskites for Improved Optoelectronic Properties" | 11-08-2023 at 6 PM.
10. Diving Deep into Physics Colloquium Series: "Spin-orbit Photonics" by Prof. S. Dutta Gupta on 10 August 2023, 5.15 PM IST
11. Diving Deep into Physics Colloquium Series: Public Lecture by Dr. Chandralekha Singh "Facilitating thinking and learning in and beyond the physics classrooms using research-based approaches " on 09 August 2023, 7 PM IST
12. "Student Seminar Series" presentation by Jai Lalita on: "A journey to negative quantum states" | 04-08-2023 at 6 PM.
13. Public Lecture on "Blue Sky Mega Science Research, Large Hadron Collider, Why Should I Care?" by Dr. Archana Sharma, Principal Scientist, CERN on 27th July 2023 at 6 PM
14. Webinar Series "Deep Diving into Physics" by Dr. Pavithran S Iyer "Evaluating Fault-Tolerant Schemes For Noisy Hardware" on 25 July 2023
15. Webinar Series "Deep Diving into Physics" by Dr. Mallikarjuna Rao "In-situ Spectrometry for Studying the Science of Atomic and Molecular Interactions at Surfaces and Interfaces" on 21 July 2023
16. National Conference on Energy Materials and Devices (E-MAD) from December 16 - 18, 2022
17. 37th National Symposium on Plasma Science and Technology 2022
18. Webinar Series "Deep Diving into Physics" by Dr. K. S. Vasu titled "Confined Ionic Transport in Carbon Nanochannels" on 27 October 2021
19. Webinar Series "Deep Diving into Physics" by Prof. C. S. Yadav titled "Magnetic monopole, spin-ice and field induced spin-freezing state in geometrically frustrated system" on 20 October 2021
20. Webinar Series "Deep Diving into Physics" by Prof. Manish Dev Shrimali titled "Machine Learning with Dynamical Systems" on 13 October 2021
21. Webinar Series "Deep Diving into Physics" by Prof Subir K. Das titled "Describing Disease Spread: A scaling approach of phase transition" on 6 October 2021
22. Webinar Series "Deep Diving into Physics" by Prof Mukesh Kumar titled "Solar-Blind Photodetectors: Charge dynamics, flexibility, and stability" on 22 September 2021
23. Webinar Series "Deep Diving into Physics" by Prof Sanjay Puri titled "Pattern Formation in the Kinetics of Phase Transitions" on 3 March 2021
24. Webinar Series "Deep Diving into Physics" by Prof Guruprasad Kar titled "Creative use of entanglement in information processing" on 13 February 2021
25. Webinar Series "Deep Diving into Physics" by Prof Subodh Kumar De titled "Exchange Anisotropy in Heterogeneous Magnetic System" on 26 January 2021
26. Institute Colloquium by Prof. Michael De Volder from University of Cambridge, UK on "Hierarchical Structuring of Micro and Nanoparticles for Li-ion Battery Electrodes" on 24 February 2020
27. Institute Colloquium by Prof. Richard Mackenzie from University of Montreal (UdeM) Canada on "Symmetry and Solitons: from kinks to monopoles" on 19th January 2020
28. Seminar by Dr. Bheema Linagm Chittari, Department of Physics, University of Seoul, Seoul, Korea on the 25th of October 2019
29. A half-day workshop was organized on “Recent Advances in Surface Analysis using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy“ on 21st August, 2019
30. Seminar by Dr. Anshul D S Parmar, Universite de Montpellier, France on “Knocking at the bottom of the energy landscape“ on 28th August, 2019
31. Seminar by Dr. Siddharth Dwivedi, Sichuan University, China on “Multi boundary entanglement in a topological field theory” on 13th August, 2019
32. Seminar by Dr. Nisha Pawar, IIT Kharagpur on “Interesting Phenomena in Soft matter and Nanoscience” on 06th August, 2019
33. Seminar by Professor Anantha Ramkrishna (IIT Kanpur)
34. Seminar by Professor M. S. Sisodia (Geologist, PRL Ahmedabad)
35. Professor Kerstin Borras, Deputy Spokesperson of the CMS experiment at CERN Geneva delivered a colloquium on 11 November 2016.
36. Physics Course Curriculum Review Workshop
37. Vanguard Lecture by Professor Rupamanjari Ghosh
38. List of Seminars held in the even semester of 2015
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1. Shubham Chamola (Ph.D.) student selected as one of the winners of the "Phone Photography Competition" held during Institute Foundation Day 2023 | Congratulations!
2. UG orientation: BS (Physics) with Specialization is scheduled on 1-08-2023 at 11 AM (Venue: Seminar Hall, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering)
3. PG orientation (Physics Programs) has been scheduled for 27th July at 11 AM in the Physics Department.
4. Open house event for BS in Physics with Specialization on 24 & 25 July 2023 from 3PM onwards
5. List of selected candidates for Ph.D. in department of Physics AY 2023-2024, Semester I
6. Ph.D. Shortlisted Candidates for Written test/ Interview (AY 2023-2024, Semester I)
7. Dr. Ram Prakash have received the year-2022 Jaidutt Saraswati Sodha PSSI Plasma Award
8. Best oral presentation award to Mr. Ramavtar Jangra in Plasma-2022
9. National Conference on Energy Materials and Devices (E-MADs) 2022 at IIT Jodhpur during December 16-18, 2022
10. PLASMA-2022: 12-14 December 2022
11. Shortlisted candidates for Written test/interview AY 2022-23 Semester II
12. Open House BS Program (Physics) on 24 September 2022 at 3:30 PM
13. List of Candidates Shortlisted for M.Sc.- M.Tech. Admissions, AY 2022-23 Semester I
14. List of Candidates Shortlisted for M.Sc., AY 2022-23 Semester I
15. Ph.D. Selected Candidates List
16. Ph.D. Shortlisted Candidate list for Written test/ Interview
17. The List of Provisionally Selected Candidates for Ph.D. Admissions, AY 2021-22 Semester II
18. Congratulations Snehashis for receiving the prestigious PMRF fellowship for your PhD.
19. Ph.D. Shortlisted Candidate list for Written test/ Interview AY 2021-22 SEMESTER II
20. The merit list of candidates shortlisted for M.Sc. Admissions
21. The merit list of candidates shortlisted for M.Sc.-M.Tech. Admissions
22. List of candidates provisionally shortlisted for Ph.D Interview (AY 2021-22 Semester I)
23. Congratulation Dr Satyajit Sahu for being selected for to participate in a highly prestigious BRICS YSF Conclave 2020
24. Congratulations Dr Somnath Ghosh and Dr Subhashish Banerjee for getting Research Excellence Award in Young and Senior Research Category of the institute on Institute Foundation Day
25. Congratulations to Dr Ram Prakash, Dr Ambesh Dixitand and their entire team members for developing UV based Systems for disinfecting medical accessories
26. Ram Milan Sahani, received Best Oral Presentation award in the International Conference on Radiological Emergency and Management (ICONRDEM-2019) held at Jaipur
27. Vishal Sharma awarded Third Best Poster for his Research Work
28. M.Sc. in Physics Program has started from academic year 2015
29. Work of A. K. Alok & S. Banerjee on Quantum Gravity fluctuations in Particle Physics presented