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1. Dr. B. M. Krishna Mariserla and his collaborators published their research work entitled "Directly visualizing the momentum-forbidden dark excitons and their dynamics in atomically thin semiconductors" in the journal Science (Impact Factor: 41.84)
2. Research Paper published by Dr Shahab Ahmad in the journal Nature "Lanthanide-doped inorganic nanoparticles turn molecular triplet excitons bright"
3. Congratulation Dr Satyajit Sahu and Parveen for the cover page publication in the journal European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
4. Research paper by R. Chaurasiya and A. Dixit is selected by PCCP Editor as 2020 HOT PCCP article
5. Paper of Dr. Subhashish Banerjee published for "Characteristics of interaction between Gravitons and Photons"
6. Chandni Kumari, PhD student of Dr. Ambesh Dixit, Department of Physics, received the "Best Poster Award" in IEEE NMDC 2019 held during 27-31 October 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden
7. Identifying the origin of lepton-universality violation at collider experiments
8. Belle Collaboration confirmed our results
9. Nonadiabatic Modal Dynamics Around Exceptional Points in an All-Lossy Dual-Mode Optical Waveguide: Toward Chirality-Driven Asymmetric Mode Conversion
10. Rotational Diffusion of Proteins in Nanochannels
11. Rohitash Kumar was awarded with Anil K and Bharati Bhatnagar Award for Best Thesis Presentation in Solid State Physics in 63rd DAE Symposium on Solid State Physics
12. Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) approves Indo-Austria collaboration, between S. Banerjee, A. K. Alok and B. Hiesmayr, of the Universitry of Vienna
13. Ashutosh K. Alok and Subhashish Banerjee’s work receives international recognition