IIT Jodhpur
First Shortlist of PhD Admission July 2022

Please click here for First Shortlist of PhD Admission July 2022

The shortlisted candidates are requested to send a Statement of Purpose of 1200-1500 words.  Please mention your discipline in the subject line and in case if you have an interdisciplinary application, please mention the same. Kindly note your candidature for next round will be based on the Statement of Purpose. 

Please send the SOP as an attachment in PDF format to office_hss@iitj.ac.in by 17th May, 2022 

For the AY 2022 July admissions we are specifically looking for SOPs in following areas: 

1) Health, and Public Health Ethics: Ethical issues and challenges in the public health of India, Women's Health in India  and Ethics, Strengthening the Public Health System, Affordability and accessibility barriers in the healthcare system. 

2) Ethics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data: The automated moral agent, Data ethics, Responsible AI. 

3) Applied Econometrics 

4) Applied Economics 

5) Development Economics 

6) Law and Economics 

7) Public Health 

8) Health Economics 

9) Ethics, Political Philosophy, and Metaphysics.


The last date for sending the SOPs is 17th May, 2022.