IIT Jodhpur
Panasonic Japan offers Internship to 3 students of IIT Jodhpur

An internship project from Panasonic Japan has been offered in the area of “Water quality monitoring and purification” and the projects will be executed under the supervision of Rakesh K Sharma and Anand K Plappally. The time duration of project will be May 11, 2015-July 20, 2015.
 Selected Students names as the following-
(1) Mr.Saurav Kumar (EE )
(2) Mr.Akarsh R ( EE)
(3) Mr.Sonu SB (ME)
(4) Mr.Thani Ashwanth ( ME)
(5) Mr.Kunal D ( CSE )
(6) Mr. Kanak Srivastava ( ME )