IIT Jodhpur
Satendra Pal Singh, PhD student of Dr. Gaurav Bhatnagar, has successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!

On Monday the 11th of May 2020, Satendra Pal Singh, PhD student of Dr. Gaurav Bhatnagar, has successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Novel and Robust Methodologies for Image Security". Congratulations, Dr. Satendra Pal Singh and wish him all the best in his future career and academic achievements!


A short summary of his work:

In the digital era, the substantial proliferation of open access network and communication technologies has influenced the way information gathered and processed. This has led to increase the sharing of multimedia data such as image, audio and video up to significant level and become widespread practice between the end users. However, this convenience comes with some security and privacy concern. The issues regarding ill-legal copying, distribution, duplication, malicious modification and forgery have increased due to ease of accessing of the sophisticated software. Therefore protection of digital media is one of the major challenges to the information security in today's scenario. This motivates researchers to develop some standard and robust solution which enhance the overall security of the digital media by preventing these issues. One of the technical solutions is to make it law informants. This can be achieved by some practical solution like image hashing, encryption and digital watermarking.

The core idea is to investigate and analyze various aspects in the image security and explore the techniques for image security while ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and trustworthiness of the data. The flourishing image security technologies enable an information shift to the environment characterized by the constraints such as robustness, imperceptibility etc. The fundamental attribute of image security determines the trade-off between robustness and perceptual fidelity, robustness and discrimination. Our research is categorized mainly in the three parts: The first part aims to develop the comprehensive algorithmic framework for identification and authentication of the digital images. This framework provides the digital signature based on some appropriate hash functions to estimate the accurate image similarity. The second part of the research aims to protect the confidentiality of the image data to secure the content of the data using encryption technique. This framework provides the methodology to secure the medical image data during the transmission and storage. In the later part, an efficient digital watermarking technique is proposed to seize the copyright protection of images. This technique helps to identifies the original owner of the image and ensure the legitimate trustworthiness. Finally, an extensive experimental and comparative analysis has been conducted to validate the efficiency and performance of the proposed solutions for the image security.    


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