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 Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

Mathematics, being the basis of many disciplines, is a subject that evolves with time and creates new theories to solve real-world challenging problems. Our department has been taking a leading role in developing new methods to model such situations that can be used in diverse areas of computer science, engineering, and basic sciences. The department has faculty with research interests in the areas of Algebra, Mathematical Physics, Scientific Computation, Numerical Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Topological Dynamics, Low Dimensional Chaos, Dynamical Systems, Renormalization in Low-dimensional dynamics, Wavelet Analysis, Fractional Transform Theory, Image Processing, Financial Risk Analysis, Categorical Data Analysis, Reliability Theory, Applied Probability.
We are excited to offer high-quality programs at postgraduate level for students who wish to apply math to science or engineering such as a two-year M.Sc. program in Mathematics, a four-year M.Sc-M.Tech program in Mathematics-Data and Computational Sciences, a two year M.Tech program in Data and Computational Sciences. We also offer an M.Tech-Ph.D. dual degree program in Data and Computational Sciences and a Ph.D. Program with specialization in different areas of Mathematics to those who wish to earn a deeper understanding of pure and applied Mathematics. 


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