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Welcome to the School of Liberal Arts

The School of Liberal Arts (SoLA) in IIT Jodhpur aspires to be a forerunner in Liberal Arts education and research by establishing inter and transdisciplinary research collaborations and pedagogic innovations that sit centrally at the intersections of liberal arts, scientific, and technological domains across the country and abroad. The SoLA will have a broader vision breaking the silos created by disciplinary boundaries and reimagining the educational structure. Through an open approach it will strive to equip and enable the students for the challenges of the future while turning them into global citizens and able thinkers with an awareness of the needs and demands of contemporary society.

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Our vision is to emerge as a forerunner in Liberal Arts education with a novel, open, futuristic, transdisciplinary, and inclusive liberal humanist approach that not only engages with the human, the non-human, and the planetary but also recognizes and amplifies the diverse possibilities and potentials of human-technology interfaces as both agents and sites for social change.


To promote holistic and experiential learning, collaborate with stakeholders, and create a distinctive research and teaching ecosystem that bridges the gaps between the humanistic, the social, the environmental, and the technological.

School launched its two years’ flagship program MSc in Computational Social Science (CSS) in 2022.


Research and Collaboration:
The teaching and research focus of Department runs along the following disciplinary tracks.
Literary and Cultural Studies
The department is actively involved in both individual and collaborative research projects with other institutions of higher learning. With diverse backgrounds in the department, our department has received funding from different organizations
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