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Doctorial Program

  1.   Ph.D. Program
    The Ph.D. program is a post-graduate program focussed on original research that can lead to publications in Top Tier Conferences and journals. Students are required to do some courses in the first few semesters (coursework required can vary based on his/her research Interest), but soon move on completely to research. The time required to complete a Ph.D. can vary - however, a typical timeframe is four to five years.  All full time PhD scholars receive fellowship from IIT as per MHRD norms. In addition, there are fellowships from TCS, Microsoft, Infosys, IBM, Sun, Lucent, etc., which provide for travel support to international conferences. Computer science plays a role in virtually every field of industry as well as academic. For this reason, Ph.D. programs are diverse, and many CSE students pursue interdisciplinary Ph.D degrees. See the official Ph.D. Admission website for details.
    Some of the thrust research areas are:
    AI and Cognitive Computing, Hardware and Systems, Language Technology and Knowledge Management, VANETs and Cyber Security, AR/VR, Computer Vision Applications, Image Analysis and Biometrics

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