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Doctoral Program in Chemistry 



The department of chemistry hosts Ph.D. program in Chemistry.  The objective of the program is to provide unique opportunities and a vibrant environment to the motivated researchers to perform research in both fundamental and applied areas of chemistry. Our PhD program provides opportunities to students in a wide array of chemical disciplines including Computational Molecular Biophysics and Gas-Phase Reaction Dynamics, Quantum Information Processing, Biophysical Chemistry using fluorescence spectroscopy and NMR,  Nanomaterials & Nanodevices, Advanced Materials Chemistry,  Asymmetric Catalysis, Natural Products & Medicinally Active Compounds Synthesis, Catalysis for Energy, Environment Remidiation, Water and Soil Chemistry, Asymmetric and Homogeneous Catalysis, Synthesis of Organic Compounds, Alternative Biofuels, Main-group Organometallic Chemistry. 

PhD students have the freedom to choose their courses and research topics for thesis research. Moreover, we encourage graduate students to rotate in several different labs for first semester while taking the courses under guidance of Department Research Committee (DRC). PhD students have many opportunities for professional development, including teaching, communication, networking, outreach, and participation in regional, national, and international conferences and meetings. They are also part of departmental committees such as seminars, classes etc. These activities, together with research, make our students competitive for many career paths that include academia, industry, government, and national laboratories, among others. The institute offers unique opportunity to a PhD student to avail one-year fellowship for any translational activities related to the thesis upon submission. The patent-landscaping being an integral part of the research plan and PhD curriculum at IIT Jodhpur is another unique feature.



 Due Date Extended Till 10 May 2020  for AY 2020-21



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Note: Students can apply for PhD position throughout the year...

Interviews for prospective doctoral students are held twice during the year (May and December) following which they can join from the semester beginning after getting accepted. Candidates get enrolled to the department and take course work in consultation with the Department Research Committee and Faculty Advisor and generally start their research work under the respective faculty member from the second semester. Doctoral students are also engaged in Teaching Assistantship (TA) duties in supervising undergraduate laboratories and courses.


Students enrolled in PhD program of Department, may contact DRC:

DRC Chairman: Prof. Rakesh K Sharma

DRC Convenor and Ph.D. Program Coordinator: Prof. Atul Kumar

DRC member and M.Sc. Program Coordinator: Prof. Ananya Debnath