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M.Sc. (Chemistry) Program
The courses of M.Sc. (Chemistry) Program are divided into four semesters. Download the contents of all these sets of courses offered by the Department of Chemistry by clicking here.
Ph.D. (Chemistry) Program

The courses of Ph.D. (Chemistry) Program are all electives. A student needs to complete a credit requirement as per institutional norms (12 credits from Course Work and 48 credits from Thesis work ).

Download the contents of all the elective courses offered by the Department of Chemistry by clicking here.




Chemistry Department Trimester Plan for 2020-21



MSc-I year Students (New Students of 2020 batch)



 Trimester-1[Sept - Nov]


Trimester-2 [Dec - Feb]

 Trimester-3  [Mar - May]

CYL6010 Organic Reactions and Mechanisms 

CYL6050 Main Group and Bioinorganic Chemistry

CYL6080 Molecular  Thermodynamics and   Chemical Kinetics 

CYL6040 Physical Organic Chemistry 

Total Credits 12

CYL6060 Organic Synthesis

CYL6020 Transition Metal and Organometallic Chemistry 

CYL6030 Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy

CYL6090 Theory and Applications of spectroscopic techniques 

CYP6030 Hands on -1 

Total Credits 13.5

CYP6010 Organic Laboratory 

CYP6020 Inorganic Laboratory 

CYP6040 Physical Laboratory 

CYP6050 Hands on-2

CYD6010 Minor Project 

CYL6070 Solid State and Material Chemistry

Program elective-1 

Total Credit 13.5


MSc-II year Students (Existing Students of 2019 batch)



 Trimester-1[Sept - Nov]


 Trimester-2 [Dec - Feb]

 Trimester-3  [Mar - May]

Open elective-1

Program elective-2

Program elective-3

M.Sc. Project (5 credits)

Total Credits 14

Program elective-4

Program elective-5

CYP6060:Computational Lab 

CYQ6010 Seminar 

M.Sc. Project (5 credits)

Total Credits 13

Open elective-2

Program elective-6

M.Sc. Project (5 credits)

Total Credits 11