IIT Jodhpur

Completed Projects

Faculty Members of the Department have completed the following Sponsored Research Projects:



TitleFunding AgencyPICO-PI
Development of III-Nitrides thin film(s) for high frequency saw device applications ISRO Ambesh Dixit No
Graph Theoretical Aspects in Quantum Information processing Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi Subhashish Banerjee No
Development of Ferroelectric and their composite with hexaferrites for microwave absoption applications. DRDO, Jodhpur Ambesh Dixit No
Hunting of new physics through b -> s transitions CSIR New Delhi Ashutosh Alok Subhashish Banerjee
Development of Plasmonic metal hybrid electrode system for II-VI quamtum dot sensitized solar cellls (QDSSCs) realization of cerriet multiplication for better efficiency DST Ambesh Dixit Kirankumar Hiremath
Development of high thermal conductivity PCM composites for thermal management DRDO, Jodhpur Ambesh Dixit No
Design and development of high capacity and low cost Li2TMSio4(TM=transition metals) silicate materials for future rechargeable lithium ion battery. DST-International Division Ambesh Dixit No
Probing the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics in Neutrino Oscillations DST Subhashish Banerjee Ashutosh K Alok
Synchrony Based Evolution of Various Biological and Artificial Systems to Understand Complex Computational Aspects DST Satyajit Sahu NA
A study of quantum correlations: Squeezing and its various facets Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi Subhashish Banerjee V. Narayanan
Probing Magnetic Structures and Spin Flop transition in bulk and  nanostrutured FeVo4 Multoferroic System DAE-UGC Ambesh Dixit