IIT Jodhpur


Consultancy Projects

Sr. No. Project PI Co-PI Funding Agency Amount (in Lacs)
1 Sand migration mitigation measures for the proposed haphasar solar park Dr. Pradeep K. Dammala Dr. A. K. Rathi, Dr. Debanjan Guha Roy SB Energy Pvt LTD  9.99             
2 Analysis of Fibre Glass Mast Tower due to Wind Load Dr. Amit K. Rathi NA Ercon Composites 1.65                  
3 Qualitative and Quantitative analysis /Chemical Test on 40 mm TMT Rebar for LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED (L&T Energy Hydrocarbon) Dr P. Ravi Prakash Dr Tekcham Gishan Singh, Dr A. K. Rathi LARSEN & TOUBRO LIMITED (L&T Energy Hydrocarbon)  0.17             
4 Analysis/Verification and validation of design of CTB under Project Himank, BRO Dr. Amit K. Rathi NA TARU 2.36                   
5 Suitability Checking of Cracked Isolated Footing Dr. Amit K. Rathi NA DEE VEE Project Ltd 1.18                  
6 Investigation of Tor Steel Dr. Amit K. Rathi NA UIEIPL 0.53                 
7 Capacity Enhancement of Sei Dam Tunnel Project WRD Rajasthan Dr. Saran Aadhar Dr. Pradeep K. Dammala, Dr. Bhupendra Singh, & Prof. Pranab Mohapatra (IITGN) WRD Rajasthan 19.48
8 Structural proof checking, supervision consultancy and regular inspections of warehouse constructions Dr. Amit K. Rathi NA RSWC 37.52                    
9 Third Party Inspection for construction work of four-lane BT road at Pali under CM Budget announcement 2021-22 Dr. Bhuepndra Singh NA Municipal Council Pali, Rajasthan 7.08