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Welcome to Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

The rapidly urbanizing society and increasing quality of life demand reliable and intelligent infrastructure systems which are capable of catering to the societal needs at different scales – from an individual to the community level. Consequently, the civil and infrastructure industry has undergone profound changes and is constantly evolving. However, the new-age designs and innovations in the civil and infrastructure industry can only be driven by a group of engineering graduates having multidisciplinary training and a sound understanding of emerging technologies. The Institute started Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering in January 2017. The department offers unique programs that incorporate and integrate the elements of conventional civil engineering with advanced transformative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), cyber-physical-systems (CPS), digital twins (DT), and automated management and information systems. Additionally, a major thrust is also planned on the design, implementation, and maintenance of large-scale integrated infrastructure systems across different domains.

 The focus areas of the department are:

  (1) Energy and Environment
  (2) Building Sciences, Safety, and Services
  (3) Applications of AI, IoT, and CPS in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering
  (4) Smart and Integrated Infrastructure
  (5) Urban Architecture and Planning
  (6) Construction Technology and Management
  (7) Transportation Engineering
  (8) Structural Engineering
  (9) Geotechnical Engineering
 (10) Water resources Engineering
 (11) Engineering Geology

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Seminars and Meetings

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