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Chemistry@ IIT Jodhpur is where Chemistry sees Technology. The Department of Chemistry was established in 2015 at IIT Jodhpur.  The Department offers a two years M.Sc. programme and a Ph.D programme in Chemistry. In addition, it offers core and elective courses in chemistry and allied areas for undergraduate B.Tech. Engineering Students in the Institute. The Department of Chemistry at IIT Jodhpur is striving to be acknowledged for excellence in teaching, research and outreach, at a distinctive locus of science and technology. Research is carried out in all major areas of chemical sciences. It has started its journey of making technology contributions in new materials for energy solutions, environmental remediation, water and healthcare. Alongside, focus is on the fundamental understanding of Chemical Dynamics, Theoretical Computational Chemistry, Biological  Phenomena, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Organic Synthesis, Organometallics, Main Group Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Quantum Chemistry and Quantum Information.

The department has been actively involved in setting up an advanced research facility that house various sophisticated equipment and characterization tools for carrying out cutting-edge research. Department has access to various spectrometers for molecular characterization (NMR 500 MHz,temperature-dependent fluorescence and PL measurements, UV-Visible, FT-IR), Microscopy techniques (SEM, AFM, optical microscope) and structural characterization (P-XRD and Single-crystal XRD) and thermal characterization tools (TGA, DTA), Surface techniques (BET, Chemisorption, Contact Angle) and Magnetic Measurements (SQUID and PPMS).

The thrust areas in which research is being actively carried are given below.






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