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Welcome to the Department of Bioscience & Bioengineering


The Department of Bioscience & Bioengineering at IIT Jodhpur, established in 2009 offers a B.Tech. program in Bioengineering, an M.Tech. and M.Tech-Ph.D. dual degree programs in Bioscience & Bioengineering. Our programs are uniquely designed to inspire innovations in biotechnology, engineering, and medicine from an understanding of  biological systems.  This capacity building is assuming importance in the present times for providing solutions to societal problems in trans-disciplinary frameworks. A major focus is on neurosciences and neurodegenerative disorders, mechanistic biology, environmental and medical microbiology, computational biology, precision health, and bioprospecting for novel molecules and bio-actives from natural resources of the Thar ecoregion. We also offer a competitive Ph.D. program to inculcate scientific temper, independent thinking, and skillsets for scientific entrepreneurship. We encourage and provide avenues for the participation of bioengineering graduates with diverse engineering disciplines to develop technologies for:

1. Affordable and Smart Healthcare

2. Clean Environment

3. Precision Medicine and Health

4. Sustainable and Affordable Energy

Faculties at the department with wide-ranging expertise,  conduct fundamental and translational research in focus areas that are contemporary and aligned to major sustainable development goals. We are passionate about research and actively communicate our science through regular outreach programs.



Message from the Head of the Department



Dr. Mitali Mukerji, Head, Department of Bioscience & Bioengineering

Nature provides excellent laboratories for the evolution of biological intelligence, evident in the diversity of organisms with amazingly optimized engineering designs. Understanding the mechanistic basis of these design principles could accelerate discoveries, provide novel bioinspired engineering solutions, and propel disruptive biotechnological advancements. Today, the world over there is a major focus on developments of tools and technology platforms for understanding bio-design principles that also encompass the domains of data science and artificial intelligence. At the BSBE we aspire to provide state-of-the-art domain knowledge and training to understand biological systems, provide innovative Bio-Tech solutions for applications in medical and environmental engineering domains that include biofuels, diagnostics, therapeutics, smart healthcare devices.  The department is involved in major transdisciplinary flagship programs involved in drug discovery,  genomics as well as affordable, integrative, and precision health care solutions and Big Data Biology with the School of Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences. We aspire to build an ecosystem of graduates who have the capacity to be future biotech and med-tech entrepreneurs as well as participate in transdisciplinary domains of Smart Healthcare technologies, Genomic Technologies, and Big Data sciences, Systems and Synthetic Biology, Precision medicine, and environmental sciences.  The curriculum is designed to fulfill the diverse aspirations of entrants to biosciences and bioengineering.





Research Highlights

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