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Eight Ph.D. students, three batches of Master of Science (Mathematics), three batches of Master of Technology (System Science) and five batches of Bachelor of Technology (System Science) are graduated, so far, from the Department. We are very keen to keep in touch with our alumni and would like to open-heartedly welcome our alumni to keep in touch with us as well. We would like to request our alumni to contact/connect us via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share your latest information and your achievements, we will be glad to showcase them on our website and other digital platforms. Also, your are requested to register yourself at the official alumni portal of IIT Jodhpur to be in close touch with your Alma mater.


Ph.D. Students Graduated From Department of Mathematics, IIT Jodhpur

Sr. No.           Name                               Thesis Title    Supervisor  Year of Defense
1.  Dr. Ranveer Singh  A Measure of Balance, Spectra of Signed Graphs, and a
Novel Algorithm for Matrix Determinant and Permanent
Dr. Bibhas Adhikari 2018
2.  Dr. Rohan Sharma Complex network generative models using corona product
of graphs
Dr. Bibhas Adhikari 2018
3.  Dr. Parmod K. Paul  Technical Analysis for Short-Term Forecasting of Financial Data
and Turn of the Year Effect
Dr. Vivek Vijay 2018
4. Dr. Parvinder Singh  Analysing Multiqubit Entanglement, Nonlocality and Quantum
Information Processing Protocols
Dr. Atul Kumar 2018
5. Dr. Supriyo Dutta Graph Theoretic Aspects of Quantum Information Processing
Dr. Subhashish Banerjee
6. Dr. Manish Raghav Dynamics of a General Non-autonomous Dynamical System Dr. Puneet Sharma 2019
7. Dr. Anurag Sahu In-situ sensitization and photoelectrode material for II-VI quantum
dot sensitized solar cells along with detailed balance limiting efficiency
Dr. Ambesh Dixit and
Co-Supervisor: Dr. Kirankumar
8. Dr. Amit Bhati Bandwidth Enhancement of Microwave Absorbers
Using Engineered Planar Structures
Dr. Vivek Dixit and Dr. Kirankumar
R. Hitemath


 Dr. Dileep Kumar  
Some Results on Multidimensional Shift Spaces  
Dr. Puneet Sharma   2020



M.Tech. (Data and Computational Sciences)



 Master of Science (Mathematics) Graduates




Master of Technology (System Science) Graduates

This program was discontinued in 2015. The batch wise list of students can be seen here.


Bachelor of Technology (System Science) Graduates

This program was also discontinued in 2015. The batch wise list of students can be seen here.