IIT Jodhpur

Center of Excellence

  • Envisioned as a futuristic, trans-disciplinary research hub in School of Liberal Arts
  • Its goal is to explore the intersections emerging from Art and Digital technologies

Concept & Scope


  • Visual Arts ( Painting, Sculpture, Craft, Photography, Cinema, Installations and others)
  • Performing Arts ( Theatre, Dance, Music, Martial Arts and others)
  • Performance Arts
    • Art with Body, space, sound and light
      • Example – Action Painting

Digital Immersion

  • Merger of the physical world with the digital world of data.
  • Digitalisation of Arts
  • IOT for continuous Real-time data of live arts
  • Use of technologies like virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and extended reality (XR), all of which create an altered or enhanced environment.
  • Digital Gaming


  • Digital Collective
    • Creating Digital Twin of Arts
    • Ownership of Digital Twins as Heritage
  • New form of presentation of Arts
    • Exploiting AR,VR, MR
    • Digital Gaming
  • Newer Art Forms
    • Integration of Physical and Digital World
  • Analytics of Art
    • Newer Critical Insights
    • Digital Tools for Comparative Art
  • Digital Pedagogy for Art Instruction
  • Content development for newer art forms
    • Exploring Comics, Graphics, Animation
  • Social history and sociological analysis of the newer art forms
  • Blend of sub-cultural art forms through digital interventions

Digital Art

  • Born Digital Art
    • Interactive Art
    • Installation Art using Digital Technology
  • Aesthetics of Digital Art
  • Digital Aesthetics

AI & Art

Multi-disciplinary endeavour that is located at the intersection of the fields of AI, Arts, Cognitive Psychology, Philosophy and Ethics

  • To better understand human creativity and to formulate an algorithmic perspective on creative behavior in humans.
  • Perception of Art: Cognitive Studies
  • To construct AI system to enhance human creativity
  • AI system for generating human-level creativity.

Operational Modalities

Members of CoE

  • Faculty of School
    • Dedicated Faculty for CoE
  • Affiliate Faculty Members – from other Schools & Department
  • Associates
    • Artists, Scientists, Developers, Composers (outside IITJ)
  • iHub-Drishti - Innovation Partner

Academic Activities

  • Elective Courses (iiTJ and Across IITs)
  • Certificate Programmes
    • Meeting Skill Demands for AVGC Sector – Art & Digital Techniques
  • Instructional Design for Digital Pedagogy of Arts
  • MSc Programme


Research & Development

  • Targeted PhD Programme
  • Research Agenda
    • Aligned with Scope
      • Art, Technology, Liberal Arts
  • Collaborative Creative Arts


  • Presentation Platform Design & Platform Use
    • Popularization and Monetization
  • Hi-fidelity Digital Representation of Art
  • NFT of Arts; Securing Ownership
  • Technology Innovation for E-commerce
  • Metaverse of Arts
  • Gaming with Indian Ethos



Advisors and Mentors

Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty
Prof Ashutosh Sharma

IITJ Faculty

Dr Rajendra Nagar
Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

Dr Manish Narwaria
Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

Dr Parichay Patra
Assistant Professor, School of Liberal Arts

Dr Ankita Sharma
Associate Professor, School of Liberal Arts

Dr Prasenjeet Tribhuvan
Assistant Professor, School of Liberal Arts

Dr Srijan Sengupta
Assistant Professor, Dept of Metallurgical Engg

Dr Amrita Pur
Assistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engg

Dr Pradyut R Chakrabarty
Associate Professor, Dept of  Mechanical Engg

Dr Angan Sengupta
Assistant Professor, Dept of Chemical Engg

Prof Sangeeta Sahney
Professor and Head, School of Managamenet and Entrepreneurship

Prof Nimish Vohra
Professor, School of Managamenet and Entrepreneurship

Prof Chhanda Chakraborti
Professor, School of Liberal Arts

Prof Santanu Chaudhury
Director, IIT Jodhpur, and Professor, Dept of Computer Science

Dr Tonisha Guin
Assistant Professor, School of Liberal Arts