IIT Jodhpur


Computing Systems


The research theme on Computing Systems focuses on novel approaches to processing and computation for energy- and memory-efficient hardware. With the availability of massive data acquisition and data processing, the research in future computing systems is oriented towards memory-driven computing AI architectures.


Research Themes

  • Advanced processor technologies
  • Neuromorphic computing
  • Real-time scheduling algorithms for multicore processors and heterogeneous platforms


  1. Keil Professional 
  2. ARM Development Studio
  3. Development Boards for different processors

Associated Lab
Control & Computing Lab

Faculty Members 

Amandeep Kaur
Research Interests: Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design, Data Converters (ADC, DAC), High-speed circuits, CMOS image sensors, On-chip compression
Office location: Room 220, First Floor, Department of Electrical Engineering
Phone: (91 291) 280 1368

Deepakkumar M. Fulwani (df@iitj.ac.in)
Research Interests: Embedded Control, Control of Micro-Grids, Control of Uncertain System
Office location: Room 227, Department of Electrical Engineering
Phone: (91 291) 280 1355