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We are relatively young department and have 3 batches of M.Sc  and 6 Ph.D students graduated so far. Several PhD students will be graduating this year, 2020. The Department of Chemistry, IIT Jodhpur want to always keep in touch with our young alumni group.


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Details of PhD Graduates


S. No.

Name of the Students            


Year of Defense


1 Shejale Kiran Prakash

Close Shell Metal Oxides for Solar Cell and Water Treatment Application


2017 Dr. Rakesh K. Sharma
2 Poonam Sharma

Supported Chiral Platinum Nanoparticles for Asymmetric Catalysis


2017 Dr. Rakesh K. Sharma
3 Parvinder Singh

Analysing Multiqubit Entanglement, Nonlocality and Quantum Information Processing Protocols


2018 Dr. Atul Kumar
4 Pura Ram

Rare earth doped LiMn 2 O 4 cathodes for lithium-ion battery


2018 Dr. Rakesh K. Sharma
5 Vikash Chandra Janu

Surface Fluorinated Hematite for Energy, Stealth and Environmental Applications

2020 Dr. Rakesh K. Sharma and Dr. Narendra Jain (co-supervisor, Defence Lab, Jodhpur)
6 Deepak Kumar

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) investigation of molecular interactions in model drug delivery systems

2020 Dr. Samanwita Pal
7 Hargeet Kaur

A game-theoretic perspective of Quantum Information Processing

2020 Dr. Atul Kumar
8 Abhinav Srivastava

Slow Relaxations of Hydration Water near a Lipid Membrane: a Molecular Dynamics Study

2020 Dr. Ananya Debnath
9 Vandana

A Solution state NMR Account of Organophosphate Pesticides-Protein Interaction

2020 Dr. Samanwita Pal
10 Devika Laishram

Advanced Functional Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental Applications

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma and Dr. Ritu Gupta (Co-Supervisor)
11 Anchal Gahlaut

Theoretical Investigations of Unimolecular Reaction Dynamics in the Gas Phase

2021 Dr. Manikandan Paranjothy
12 Arpita Srivastava 

Self-assembly of Surfactants and Bio-inspired Soft Materials for Desired Macroaggregates using Multiscale Simulations

2021 Dr. Ananya Debnath
13 Sumitra Godara 

Unimolecular Reaction Dynamics: Mechanisms and
Pathways via Chemical Dynamics Simulations

2021 Dr. Manikandan Paranjothy
14 Bhwana Chaubey

Solution State 19F Magnetic Resonance (MR) Account
of Molecular Interactions in Solutions

2021 Dr. Samanwita Pal
15 Gaurav Bahuguna

Fluorinated Nanomaterials for Energy and Sensing Application

2021 Dr. Ritu Gupta
16 Erum Gull Naz

Theoretical Investigations of Unimolecular and Bimolecular Reaction Dynamics in Gas Phase

2021 Dr. Manikandan Paranjothy
17 Urgunde Ajay Bhimashankar

Fabrication of Nanostructured Electrodes for Bio-sensing and Energy Applications using Ni-Co Functional Inks

2021 Dr. Ritu Gupta

Jyoti Faujdar

Role of Multiqubit Entanglement and Correlations in Quantum Information Processing

2022   Dr. Atul Kumar
19 Abhishek Mishra

Organotin Assemblies Containing Sn-S and Sn-O Units: Applications in Resistive Switching Device and Antibacterial Properties

2022 Dr. Ramesh K. Metre
20 Sheeba Malik

Dynamical Heterogeneity of Interface Water upon Membrane Phase Transitions

2023 Dr. Ananya Debnath



Meet Our First Batch of PhD Graduants (2017)

In the Photograph: Poonam Sharma, Kiran P. Shejale and PuraRam with their Ph.D. supervisor Prof. Rakesh K. Sharma after receiving the Ph.D. degree on the convocation day.

Details of MSc Graduates



Class of 2018


Class of 2018 (17 students): Pallavi Singh, Arvind, Asit Kumar, Avinash Garg, Avleen Kaur Chawla, Bharat Singh Patel, Kanika, Maitreyee Sarkar, Parijat Pratim Das, Piyush Singh, Pooja, Praveen Kumar, Raushan Kumar, Simran Chaudhary, Vikram, Vishav Kant


Class of 2017


Class of 2017 (16 students): Aayush Batar, Akanksha Kumari, Arpan Tiwari, Bhawna Mishra, Bibhas Das, Divya Kumar, Gaurav Garg, Hamid Palamadathil Kannattil, Hemananda Hembram, Mahesh Kumar, Parveen Gartan, Pooja Sharma, Pooja Singh, Purva, Savi Chaudhary, Vinod Kumar


Class of 2016


Class of 2016 (11 students): Aarti, Ajeetesh Kumar, Akshay Kumar R, Chesta Budhwar, Mohit Solanki, Neelam Pal, Neha Kumari, Sakshi Bhagat, Vinod Singh Adhikary, Vipin Kamboj, Rachna Sharma


Class of 2015


 Class of 2015 (5 students): Vikas Kumar, Vinay Uniyal, Suman Dhara, Pooja and Pranay RajBangshi