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Advanced Functional Materials and Interfaces is a interdisciplinary field with chemistry playing a central role. Chemistry Department has a broad range of interests across the fields of materials and interfaces. Amongst these are materials exhibiting interesting optical, electronic, magnetic, catalytic and mechanical properties. The discovery, understanding and development of these materials is central to providing solutions in areas ranging from energy, healthcare, electronics, and catalysis. The research includes development of new synthetic techniques enabling the preparation of a range of well-defined nanoparticles, 2-D nanosheets and heirarcical complex nanostructures. We focus on developing materials amenable to patterning and printing over large areas for scalable nanomanufacturing. 


Dr. Ritu Gupta’s Research Group work on developing large scale methods for synthesis of nanomaterials and translating them into devices for application in Energy, Water and Healthcare. The present interest includes application of nanomaterials in areas related to water treatment, energy storage devices, photoelectrochemical devices, environmental gas sensors and healthcare devices.





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Laboratory Users:


Student Name


Research Topic
Gaurav Bahuguna

Ph.D (R.G)


Fluorination of Materials for Energy Storage and Environmental Sensors
Ajay B. Urgunde

Ph.D (R.G)


Ni-Co based Functional Inks for Application in Energy and Biosensing

Ph.D (R.G)

Photoactive Functional Nanomaterials for Solar application

Ph.D (R.G)

Nanomaterials for Environmental and Healthcare Sensors 
Parijat P Das

M.Sc. (RG)

Waste Polymer to Graphitic Carbon for Corrosion Resistant Coatings

NOTE: We are actively looking for highly motivated postdocs, PhD students, MSc research assistants for our interdisciplinary projects. Applicants with a background in chemistry, physics, biology, materials science and engineering are encouraged to visit the research group website for further details and contact Dr. Ritu Gupta (ritu@iitj.ac.in) with CV.