IIT Jodhpur

Faculty Members


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Mitali Mukerji
eMail: mitali@iitj.ac.in , head_bb@iitj.ac.in, office_bb@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1217
Ph. D.: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Genomics, Human molecular genetics, functional genomics of Alu repeats, Ayurgenomics, genetics of rare diseases

Faculty Members
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Amit Kumar Mishra
eMail: amit@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1206
Ph.D.: National Brain Research Centre

Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, Cell Cycle Regulation and Cancer

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Ayan Sadhukhan
Assistant Professor
eMail: ayansadhukhan@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1221
Ph. D.: Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

Plant Functional Genomics, Biotechnology, Population Genetics, Abiotic Stress Tolerance

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Dinesh Ahirwar
Assistant Professor
eMail: dineshahirwar@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1222
Ph. D.: Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences

Host-tumor interaction, Drug resistance, Immunotherapy

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Indranil Banerjee
Associate Professor
eMail: indranil@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1214
Ph. D.: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Tissue engineering; Regenerative medicine; Biomaterials; Theranostic systems; Biomicrofluidic

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Meenu Chhabra
eMail: meenuchhabra@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1205
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Biological Science & Bio-Engineering: Renewable Bioenergy Bioremediation

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Neeraj Jain
eMail: neeraj.jain@iitj.ac.in
Ph. D.: Indian Agricultural Research Institute

Neuroscience/Mammalian Sensory and Motor Systems; Tactile Information Processing; Brain Plasticity; Spinal Cord Injuries; Brain-Computer Interface; Brain Networks

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Neha Jain
Associate Professor
eMail: njain@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1210
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali

Amyloids, Biofilms, Neurodegeneration, Molecular Biophysics, Microbiology

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Pankaj Yadav
Assistant Professor
eMail: pyadav@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1211
Ph.D.: Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel Germany

Statistical Genetics, Deep Learning, Big Data Analytics

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Priyanka Singh
Associate Professor
eMail: priyankasingh@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1208
Ph.D.: University of Muenster

Cellular & Molecular Biology

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Raviraj Vankayala
Associate Professor
eMail: rvankayala@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1215
Ph. D.: National Tsing Hua University

Nanobiotechnology; Biomaterials; Drug Delivery; Theranostics; Photomedicine

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Shankar Manoharan
Associate Professor
eMail: shankarmanoharan@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1209
Ph.D.: Madurai Kamaraj University

Molecular Microbiology, Host-Microbe Interaction, Genomics and Metagenomics

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Sucharita Dey
Assistant Professor
eMail: sdey@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1218
Ph. D.: Bose Institute Kolkata

Principles of protein robustness to mutation, Functional role of protein quaternary structure in mutation and disease, Prediction of disease mutations, Identifying structural determinants of inter-subunit communication -- Allostery

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Sudipta Bhattacharyya
Associate Professor
eMail: sudipta@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1213
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Structural Biology, Enzyme Chemistry, Protein Engineering

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Surajit Ghosh
eMail: sghosh@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1212
Ph.D.: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Chemical Neurobiology, Chemical Biology and Cancer Biology

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Sushmita Jha
eMail: sushmitajha@iitj.ac.in
Phone: 0291 280 1204
Ph.D.: University of North Carolina

Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, Cell and Molecular Physiology