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Vivek Vijay
Assistant Professor

B.Sc. (1997, Govt. College Kota), Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
M.Sc. (1999, Govt College Kota) Mathematics
Ph.D. (2007, IIT Mumbai), Statistics

IIT Jodhpur
NH 65 Nagaur Road
Karwar 342 037
Jodhpur District
(91 291) 280 1454

Research Areas
  1. Analysis of categorical data
  2. Forecasting of financial data

    1. Selected Recent Awards
    2. Gold Medal for securing highest marks in all sciences in M.Sc., Govt. College Kota (Presently Kota University), 1999
    3. Junior and Senior Research Fellowship by CSIR for graduate studies, IIT Bombay, 2001-2006
    4. Best Faculty Award, IIT Jodhpur, 2014

      Select Recent Books
    1. Vivek Vijay, Sandeep Yadav, Bibhas Adhikari, Harinipriya Seshadri and Deepak Fulwani (Editors), Systems Thinking Approach for Social Problems, Springer, 2014,

    Selected Recent Publications
    1. Usmani B, Vijay V, Chhibber R, Dixit A, , Optimization of sputtered zirconium films infrared reflector in spectrally selective solar absorbers, Thin Solid Films, Vol. 627, pp 17-25, 2017 , Elsevier
    2. Usmani B., Vijay V., Chhibber R., Dixit A.,, Investigation of ZrOx/ZrC-ZrN/Zr thin film structural evolution and their degradation using X-ray diffraction and Raman spectrometry, Appl. Phys. A, Vol. 122(11), pp 992, 2016 , Springer
    3. V P Singh, B. Ravindra, V Vijay, and M.S. Bhatt, A comparative performance analysis of C-Si and A-Si PV based rooftop grid tied solar photovoltaic systems in Jodhpur, IEEE International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA) 2014, Vol. , pp 250-255, 2014 , IEEE
    4. Suresh Singh, Rakesh Kumar and Vivek Vijay, Performance monitoring of 43 kW thin-film grid-connected roof-top solar PV system, 6th India International Conference on Power Electronics (IICPE), Vol. , pp 1-5, 2014 , IEEE
    5. Singh V. P., Vijay V., M. S. Bhatt, Chaturvedi D. K, Generalized Neural Network Methodology For Short-Term Solar Power Forecasting, EEEIC-2013, Vol. , pp 58-62, 2013 , IEEE
    6. Suresh Singh, Vivek Vijay, Performance Analysis of a 43kW Grid-connected Amorphous-Silicon Photovoltaic System, Conference Preoceedings, Vol. , pp 1-6, 2014 ,
    7. Singh V. P., Vijay V., Ravindra B., Jothi Basu S., and Chaturvedi, D. K. , Ground based measurement for solar power variability forecasting modeling using generalized neural network, LNEE, Vol. , pp 49-61, 2013 , Springer
    8. Vijay V. and Paul, P. , Analyzing Returns and Pattern of Financial Data Using Log-linear Modeling, Computational Research, Vol. 4, pp , 2016 , HR Publications
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    10. Vijay, V. and Paul, P. , An Optimal Band for Prediction of Buy and Sell Signals and Forecasting of States, International Journal of Applied Management Sciences and Engineering, Vol. 2, pp 33-53, 2015 , IGI Global
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    12. Tripathi, S., Mohan, A., Yadav, S.K., Vijay, V. and Dixit, A., A Novel Multi band Notched Octagonal Shaped Fractal UWB Antenna, International conference on Signal Processing and Communication (ICSC), Conference Proceedings, pp 179-183, 2013 , IEEE Xplore
    13. Vijay, V., Relationships Between Full and Layer Models With Applications to Level Merging, Communications in Statistics- Theory and Methods, Vol. 40, pp 745-761, 2011 , Taylor and Francis
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    18. Singh V. P., Vijay V., Gaurishankar S. H., Chaturvedi D. K., N. Rajkumar, Analysis of solar power variability due to seasonal variation and its forecasting for Jodhpur region using Artificial Neural Network, Journal of CPRI, Vol. 9(3), pp 110-118, 2013 , CPRI
    19. Singh V. P., Vijay V., Ravindra B., Jothi Basu S. , Chaturvedi D.K , Rajshekhar P, Combined effect of deterministic and stochastic variables on comparative performance analysis of 101 kW A-Si PV and C-Si PV based rooftop grid tied solar Photovoltaic systems in Jodhpur, Journal of CPRI , Vol. 9(2), pp 279-289, 2013 , CPRI