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First Impressions of Students from Industry Immersion Program of Summer 2015

Beginning 11 May 2015, 30 Students and 5 Faculty Members immersed inside the following leading technology Industries as the first of the three successive summer engagement.
(1) Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Mumbai;
(2) Larsen & Toubro Limited, Mumbai;
(3) Tata Motors Limited, Mumbai;
(4) TVS Motor Company Limited, Chennai; and
(5) Tata Power Limited, Mumbai.

The key features of this Industry Immersion Program (IIP) include:
(a) For Students: Learning-by-doing, experiential and cooperative learning, working on live assignments under the tutelage of industry professionals, and engaging in industry-supported projects spanning over 2½ years starting 5th semester to 8th semester.
(b) For the Institute: Faculty Members will be able to look beyond the Institute and develop linkages with Industry; Course curricula will become more real – a silent advantage; Faculty Members will have opportunities for research and consultancy projects that are current and impactful; and greater sensitivity to integrate industry needs in academia, to benchmark students and Faculty Members from Industry perspective, and to reflect and undertake needed correction in strategies of the Institute.

The first impressions of students who have immersed themselves in this program are…
(please click on the logo to read the impressions of students who immersed themselves in the particular industry)

Kartik Ramachandruni
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
I had an amazing time at L&T. We got to explore almost every engineering field in a highly practical approach and they were also very cooperative in introducing us to all these things.

Manoj Malviya
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
Well organised and productive industry exposure, corporate enviroment, lots of machines and too much fun.

Mohammad Sharey
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
The six weeks in L&T were filled with fun and excitement along with lots and lots of learning. A paradise for a machine freak. Strict corporate world, massive machines, huge workpieces, State-of-the-Art factories surrounded by lush green environment and the list goes on and on.

Shivam Srivastava
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
Being with L&T, I could see some of the huge projects, technologies and management skills. I visited Hazira where major industries of India are located and also lucky to see Talegaon which is totally dedicated to manufacturing weapons for Indian Army. It was a good experience for me at this early stage.

Shubham Bhaskar Shinde
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
I changed the way of thinking and learnt how simple concepts have wide applications in industry and yes, it was a great experience at L&T.

Suyog Bodhankar
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
I got to see how theoretical knowledge is applied in the industry. I learned a lot about how work goes on in a company and met some amazing people.

Dara Shanmukha Sai Sanjay Gupta
[I year B.Tech. (EE)]
Aswome opportunity for learning and experiencing.

Rajendra Manda
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
It is a very good experience for me in farm equipment sector of M&M. Here I am learning various automobile techniques like how to engage with project & what will be marketing strategy for particular product and main thing technical knowledge in very easy way.

Shounak Kulkarni
[I year B.Tech. (EE)]
I learned many new technical lessons which are going to be beneficial for me in the long run in engineering. Apart from technicalities, I also learned different etiquettes that are required for any person in a big company like Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.

Tejas Gattani
[I year B.Tech. (SS)]
Here at Mahindra & Mahindra we observed each part of an automobile seperately. I also got to know about suspension and its applications.

Vanam Bhanu Sai Simha
[I year B.Tech. (EE)]
It is more of computer aided work. But feeling good by making Simulink models and getting introduced to softwares required for electronics and communications.

Akhil Bindal
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
I got an idea about the life after college in industry. How the processes go. How they get problems and solutions. How we can relate theory with practical.

Akshay Bapat
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
Although the first few days were highly unstructured with no one having a clear idea of what is to be done, things have improved and now I feel that this is a great learning experience and working here will definitely help me in my future.

Anusha Gupta
[I year B.Tech. (EE)]
By sensing the temperature we need to switch on the fan by generating pwm and considering all other factors as well. Currently learning and working on Matlab,

Devanshu Kathrecha
[I year B.Tech. (SS)]
I've got to know a lot about the work life after college, how things taught at the Institute can be correlated with the industry and how to deal with unexpected situations in the professional life

Rahul Chanania
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
Learned many things related to working of engines and dependency of different processes on each other.

Vanditi Mathur
[I year B.Tech. (EE)]
My experience in the company has been good so far. I learnt many new things about automobile and problems faced in practical world. Only problem faced by us was that the company was not aware that we just passed 1st year so they were not prepared.Things were not on track initially but now it has been sorted out.

Vedant Bhuyar
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
Exposure to the new things I have got here feels to be very beneficial. I think I am being useful here as I proved previous calculations done regarding hydraulic power steering wrong and also pointed out the components (like steering gearbox) which should be changed. So overall it seems to be productive.

Akshat Shrivastava
[I year B.Tech. (EE)]
Initial 3 week classroom course was very helpful. Now we are learning actual working techniques and the manner of industry.

Archit Sharma
[I year B.Tech. (EE)]
I feel like if were been given some sort of project to do here then we could have learnt more. As of now we were given a book to read by our own which I didn't find much involving with that industry exposure that I thought of.

Boghara Pruthvi Rameshbhai
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
I am feeling very lucky to be a part of Industry Immersion Program. But I actually feel that Electrical Engineers are more important than Mechanicals. Excepting that it is going to very good experience of my life, I mean it is great to get this opportunity after completing my first most year. By this I came to know how the theory we learned can be applied practically.

Piyush Sharma
[I year B.Tech. (EE)]
It is really wonderful experience. We got a chance to interact with employees, trainees and learned a lot in terms of practical knowledge.

Rishabh Bhardwaj
[I year B.Tech. (EE)]
2 months were more than enough.

Shah Neelkumar Sureshkumar
Unrivalled experience of industry. Got to know how to apply theoretical concept into practical application.

Yasharth Sahu
[I year B.Tech. (EE)]
Initial three weeks of introduction (including few visits to plants) were excellent and worth coming. But last 10 days were not much productive. I would suggest that the first year of internship should be only for one month as one month is enough for basic introduction and visit for a 1st year completing student.

Abhishek Sharma
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
It has been a very good experience of getting exposure to the Industry in our 1st year. We will learn a lot from this and will be able to link the courses taught at the Institute with applications in industry.

Anandhu Suresh
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
Here I came to know about practical applications and approach of what we study in Institute.

B. Sai Chaitanya
[I year B.Tech. (SS)]
I came to know that, 'Theory must be added with practical knowledge' for a better career as an engineer.

Jerry Mathew Oommen
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
We had an orientation and were given an introduction in each department in the company and experiencing a flavor of the corporate life and its disciplines were exciting.

Santhosh Manoharan
[I year B.Tech. (ME)]
It has been very informative and useful. Had I been in my home I wuld have wasted this entire time on movies or games but here I have learned so much which would help me in my career.