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About CASE:

The Centre for Advanced Scientific Equipment (CASE) at the IIT Jodhpur has been established in the year 2018. The CASE has an endeavor to provide a state-of-the-art instrumentation facility in the multidisciplinary field of research to the undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D students and the faculties of this esteemed institute as well as researcher from other institutes across the country. At present a total number of 94 high end instruments are under CASE facility. Currently, The space allotted for CASE facility (Room No. 111 & 112, ground floor, Chemistry building) houses 22 equipment including various sophisticated instruments such as 500 MHz NMR, Single Crystal XRD, Powder XRD, AFM, SEM, PPMS Dynacool, SQUID, Surface area analyzer, DSC, TGA etc. Rest of the equipment under CASE facility are located at various departments of the institute. The overall day to day activities and the policy of the center is determined by a committee of faculty of this institute. The CASE committee appointed a faculty in charge for each of the instruments under CASE for smooth running and maintenance the equipment. Further, CASE facility at IIT Jodhpur imparts an opportunity towards its users for accessing various latest and advanced instruments persuasively via a transparent online booking portal. Thus CASE facility contributes its users significantly to publish their research findings in internationally peer reviewed journals. IITJ CASE facility welcomes external users from all national institutes and R & D organizations for accessing this facility on a minimal chargeable basis.

Main Objectives of CASE facility:

  • To offer students and faculties of IITJ for smooth accessing high end instruments for their research need.
  • To provide smooth access of this facility to the external academic institutes as well as R & D organizations.
  • To offer hands-on training for students of IITJ through training programs/workshops on various sophisticated equipment for their professional growth.
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Watchout for updates.


Watchout for updates.