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Non-degree Programs
A non-degree student is a student who is registered for a degree in a recognized Institute or a University in India or abroad, and who is officially sponsored by that Institute or University to complete a part of her/his academic program at IIT Jodhpur. For that purpose, the non-degree student may carry our research, take courses for credit or otherwise, and/or may use other academic facilities. An official transcript of work done at the Institute along with grades obtained, if any, would be given to the non-degree student concerned for her/his use as she/he may deem appropriate. But, any credits earned at the Institute, by a non-degree student, cannot be applied for any degree program of IIT Jodhpur at any time thereafter.
A person can be admitted as a non-degree student on a duly sponsored application to the Coordinator (Academics), who will recommend admission on the advice of Academic Committee to the Chairman, Senate, for approval. A non-degree student may be admitted for maximum period of one year. The strength of non-degree students in any program should not be more than 25% of the program strength. A non-degree student will be required to pay all applicable fees depending upon the status, program, and nationality. Such students will be governed by all rules, regulations and discipline applicable to regular students of the Institute.