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Registration & Academic Session
 (Q1)  What about registration? What items need to be brought and what are the procedures?
  Basically, you have to bring originals and copies of all the necessary certificates, JEE (Main & Advanced) Score cards, proof of address, identity proof, caste/domicile certificate (whichever is applicable), at least two passport size photographs.

(Q2)  After admission into B.Tech. Program, can I change my branch?

(a) An undergraduate student is eligible to apply for branch change at the end of the second semester only, provided the student satisfies the following criteria: 

  1. Secured a CGPA, at the end of the second semester, of: i. Greater than or equal to 7.0 for SC/ST and PD applicants ii. Greater than or equal to 8.0 for other applicants
  2. Completed all prescribed course credits for the first two semesters (including the non-graded courses). 
  3. No backlog at the end of the second semester. 

(b) The student should have no disciplinary action against him/her. 

(c) Change of the branch will be permitted strictly in the order of merit as determined by CGPA at the end of the second semester. Each available seat may be occupied by students of any category. For students of SC/ST/PD category, concession in eligibility criteria is given as per rule (a). 

(d) In case more than one student applying for branch change have the same CGPA, the tie shall be resolved on the basis of JEE ranks of such applicants. 

(e) In making a change of branch, the strength of a branch should not fall below 85% of the actual strength and should not go above 115% of the sanctioned strength. 

(f) The conditions mentioned in item (a) above will not be insisted upon for change to a branch in which a vacancy exists with reference to the sanctioned strengths, and the concerned student was eligible as per JEE Rank for admission to that branch at the time of entry to IIT Jodhpur.

 (g) Notwithstanding any of the conditions listed above, a student with CGPA of 9 or more at the end of the second semester will be allowed to move to a branch of his/her choice

 (Q3) Where to find course structure for different programs?
  You can find the curriculum and course structure of different programs offered by the Institute at their respective pages as below.
  1. B.Tech. in Bioengineering
  2. B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering,
  3. B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering,
  4. B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering,
  5. B.Tech. in AI and Data Science
  6. B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering
  7. B.Tech. in Materials Engineering,
  8. B.Tech. in Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

 (Q4) What is the pattern of Academic Sessions in IIT Jodhpur?

The academic session normally runs from the end of July in one year to the middle of July in the next year. The academic session is divided into three parts: two regular semesters and a summer term as per the following timelines: 

Semester I: From the fourth week of July to the last week of November 

Semester II: From the last week of December to the last week of April 

Summer Term: From the middle of May to the middle of July. 

Excluding the days of the examinations, the total number of days of instruction in a semester is at least 70.

  The Academic Calendar gives the exact dates of all important events during the Academic Session, such as orientation, registration, commencement of classes, adding and dropping of courses, submission of documents, examinations, submission of grades, conversion of Incomplete grades, vacation, and mid-semester recess. This calendar is approved by the Senate of the Institute and displayed in the Institute website much before the commencement of the academic semester.