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Isolation facilities
 (Q1)   Who can avail the isolation Facility?
  Students who are willing to return to the campus may apply for the Isolation facility after getting the approval students may avail the facility.
 (Q2)   How to apply to avail the isolation facility?
  The students can apply through a google form which is available on the Institute’s website.
 (Q3)   What kind of hostel facility will be provided at Isolation in IIT Jodhpur?
  Each student will be provided with a separate hostel room (~80 sq ft) along with basic furniture (table, chair, and bed) and an internet connection. Separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian packed food packets (breakfast, lunch and dinner) (on payment basis) will be provided at the doorstep of the hostel rooms.
 (Q4)   Time period for stay at Isolation facility?
  All the students will have to undergo self-isolation in their respective rooms for a period of 10 days from the date of reporting the Institute. Movement of the students is restricted to their rooms during self-isolation period.
 (Q5)   Preparatory before Joining the Institute?
  Each student after their arrival will go through thermal screening and bag sanitization at the entrance of IITJ. The screen shot of the Arogya Setu App page showing status of the student needs to may be shown at the main gate.
 (Q6)   What essential things should I bring?
  Multiple Bedsheets, Pillow, A 5-liter water bottle, Electric kettle (If required), Packed dry food (snacks, biscuits etc.) as per their requirement (for the isolation period).
 (Q7)   COVID-19 Test?
  COVID-19 test for the isolated students will be conducted by AIIMS on 4 or 5 day of their isolation period with the permission of the Competent Authority.
 (Q8)   What about after completion of the Isolation period?
  After completion of the 10th day each student staying in the isolation facility will visit PHC for health checkup and will then be allowed to enter their respective hostels with the continuing use of masks, hand sanitizer and maintaining social distancing while accessing common areas.
 (Q9)   What after non-compliance of any of the above mentioned guidelines?
  In case of non-compliance of any of the above mentioned guidelines by any student, the same will be informed to the competent authority, and monetary penalty / disciplinary action may be initiated.