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Hostels & Facilities
(Q1) What kind of hostel facility will be provided in IIT Jodhpur?
  Student will be provided with  hostel room . The room will be air-cooled, and have basic furniture (table, chair, bed and almirah) and an internet connection. The hostel (of 236 rooms) will have games, TV and reading rooms. The Dining Hall Building will have separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian kitchens and dining areas, along with a generic food court.

(Q2) How is hostel allocation done?
  The allocation of hostels is done under the supervision of the Chairman, Student Hostel Warden Committee. There  are two separate hostels for girls

(Q3) What facility will be there in my hostel room?
  Each room in the hostel is equipped with basic facilities like fan, light, almirah, bed,  table , chair and an Air Cooling unit.

(Q4)    What essential things should I bring?
  Apart from your clothes, personal items, and study material, you can bring your mattress, pillow, bucket, mug, etc. or can buy them locally.

(Q5)  Can I bring any personal electrical items?
  No. You cannot bring any of the electric items, like water heaters, iron, table fan, table lamp, and electric stove, for your personal use. Use of any such equipment in hostel rooms is strictly prohibited.

(Q6) Am I allowed to bring my bike/car to the campus?
  No. You cannot bring motorbikes/scooter/car to the campus. But, you can have a bicycle on campus. Persons with special needs may be permitted to use their own vehicle based on the request.

(Q7) I do not have a laptop yet. Is a computing facility available?
  The Institute runs a Computer Center with desktop computers for student’s use as a regular facility. You can use the same. There are some financing schemes which can be availed to procure a laptop.

(Q8)    Jodhpur city being very hot during summers, will coolers be provided in the hostels?
  The hostel rooms in the IIT Jodhpur are air cooled. Hence, no personal coolers are permitted in the hostel rooms as there is no need of the same.

(Q9)  Do you have the necessary facilities at your Institute Campus?

The campus of IIT Jodhpur is equipped with basic amenities including Wi-Fi, recreational rooms and a Computer Center. Presently, the campus provides accommodation for Faculty Members,Officers and Staff Members of the Institute. 

Following are some basic facilities made available on campus:

(a) ATM & Bank: The residential area has a branch of State Bank of India (SBI) and Canara Bank as well as an ATM of SBI and Canara Bank each for the ease of students.

(b) Dining Service: Dining Service is available on the Campus. The Dining Hall offers good quality food, regularly monitored by the Wardens for hygiene and nutritional values, and provided at affordable cost.

(c)  Food Court: There is a Food Court in the Campus. It provides hygienic food, fresh juices and various other snacks till late hours in the night. (The Food Court is temporarily not operational due to COVID-19 Pandemic) 

(d) Veg and Non-Veg Mobile Caravan: There is a Veg Mobile Caravan which provided snacks and juices. Also, there is a separate Non-Veg Mobile Caravan on the campus to facilitate the students. 

(e) Gymnasium: A well-equipped gymnasium is present on campus, which can be accessed round the clock

(f) Sport Facility: Physical recreation through games and sports has been an important part of the Institute since its inception.Thus, at IITJ we actively encourage the students to participate in various sports and games, for which good facilities (Synthetic Track, Football Field, Hockey, Tennis Court, Basketball Court, Cricket Practice Pitch with nets and Cricket Ground with three pitches) are made available to the students.

(g) Shops: A shopping complex catering to the various primary needs of students are available on Campus.

(h) Transport Services: The Institute has a bus service running between the Institute and various places in the City of Jodhpur at regular intervals. (The bus services are temporarily not operational due to COVID-19 Pandemic)

(i) Entertainment Room: Every hostel consists of recreation facilities (like TV Rooms, where students can enjoy matches and watch movies) along with indoor games (like table tennis, badminton, chess etc).

(Q10) What about medical facilities?

The residential campus has a Primary Health Center for providing routine health services. It provides services to the patients round the clock. In addition to the availability of medical service at the residential campus, the Institute has an ambulance service available round-the- clock. Besides, the Institute has empanelled 7 hospitals in the city of Jodhpur, namely:

(1) ASG Eye Hospital, Jodhpur,

(2) Goyal Hospital & Research Centre, Jodhpur,

(3) Heart & General Hospital, Jaipur,

(4) Kamla Nagar Hospital, Jodhpur,

(5) Medipulse Hospital, Jodhpur,

(6) Vasundhara Hospital, Jodhpur.

(7) Shri Ram Hospital, Jodhpur (Under process) and

(8) Yash Aman Hospital, Jodhpur(Under process)

One of these hospitals, namely ASG Eye Hospital has specializations in Ophthalmology, Kamla Nagar Hospital in Orthopaedics, and Goyal Hospital & Research Centre and Medipulse Hospital are the best known general hospitals in the city. For specialized medical attention, doctors at Primary Health Center refer patients to one of these hospitals. In addition to these Seven hospitals, the city has a Medical College and 3 hospitals run by the Government of Rajasthan. The Institute has close ties with All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Jodhpur. Also, the Institute has constituted a Medical Board consisting of Senior Doctors from the Medical College and the AIIMS; advice is taken periodically on quality of medical services at the Primary Health Center, and in critical medical cases. Further, IIT Jodhpur has empanelled two hospitals in Jaipur, which are accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare, and patients can be referred to these hospitals as per the need of the treatment. Primary Health Centre  has both Out-Patient and In-Patient services. Also, the Institute provides personal accidental insurance to the students and to one of their fee paying parents or guardians.

(Q11)  What about the availability of counselling services to overcome any emotional or stress issues?
  The Institute has a Student Well being Committee, dedicated Counsellors and  Well being moderator available in the campus. 24 x 7 Text based, chat mode, counselling sessions are also available in the campus. Also, the Institute has arrangements with the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Jodhpur whose professional psychological services are available.

(Q12) What are security arrangements on the campus?

Campus of IIT Jodhpur is secured throughout the day. The Institute has round-the-clock, dedicated, professional security arrangement on Campus. Also, every hostel is manned with security guards. Entry and exit are registered for each visitor.

         Girls Hostel has a separate entrance and is manned by female security guards. Besides, for girl students, there is a functional Women Cell. In case of any matters related to harassment or insecurity, Convenor of the Women Cell can be contacted. There is an Internal Complaints Committee which deals with the complaints of sexual harassment in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court of India.